1. hahaha
    jus by de pic de wife look vex nuh blewdclawt
    de husban look like wifey have him by de balls ana squeeze
    de mate look more relax but she neva know seh wifey ah guh boxxx har bumbo lol

  2. How close the mate can be to the man and take picture with the wife like it’s nothing… Sender please tell us who is who please and thanks!???

  3. No bloggers the wifey a brown brown gal & tall ‘ me sorry fe har stress wey them bear over man them a share :beer: :marah

  4. The wifey did run pon ya already when she send him go buy food and come back with 2 food, 3 fork and call the restaurant.
    The girl go a di bar and a buy dare champagne di wife in a di bar and see mate a spend a bag a cash. But wife know mate naa mek them money deh fi a spend so a di bar and know a Andre give her it. She wait until the girl go back go stand up and go ova deh. But why would I try mash up u man dance. Me sure u see the girl all the time. Duppy really know who fi frighten

  5. Wait but me did think the brown lady was the wife , she is not in this pic :ngakak :ngakak :bingung somebody help me out

  6. From what I gather is matey alone in this pic. NOT WIFE AND MATE. Matey tek dat pic at Andre party wid har fren. Mate on one side and her fren on the other. Wife was in the bar. I tink a so di blem go. Lol. So sender. Which is di mate. Di one weh a smile or di one weh serious. Lol

  7. Me very sorry but me not staying with no cheating man & me know about it ‘ Andre too Rass bright with his bulldog looking face & nikkie stoop low because she’s damn lazy & not independent . Once a cheater always a cheater those old dogs can not tame run.

  8. Sunday night I saw the light skin one a hide going into hotel with a man. I said to myself lord who’s man is this now. Only you Sudar Clarke form excelsior days you taking some big men this girl will friend the men them wife and sleeping with them secretly I dont know how you feel going to party’s and five, six men f**king you in the party just to drink liquor. And please change that one grey bra you wear to push up the breast. Every pics you post I could see the grey bra, you could change a bra just the same way you change ur men

  9. Punky had to use har batty man bredda robert fi fight nicky n nicky still tear off har cheap wig n fig ip har face the pictures is
    on skipdaline what kind a man help him sista fight gal dem sey a higgla boy a Jamaica name cocky deh wid him

  10. So him must stand up and watch them gang him sister? Nicky ugly and tuff and freaky Sudar soon catch germ on her tongue. Everyday Sudar talk bout the big man want her and you never see him with her yet the man have him wife you not even a back chick, him have too much slim body browning so no time,then when him don’t look at you talk bout him can’t sad in a bed but you still play back chick.

  11. boy me a tell you all andre do a people credit card him a use fi look so good a party and none of them a the wife she always a do credit card work with him boy them love burlington until them pics up up in the store dwrcl

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