Smaddy tell tha transgender ya sey shi nuh luk ntn like a doll. R u a man or a woman? Bleachy change d name from snow doll to snow man


8 thoughts on “SHE DONT LOOK LIKE A MAN SUH………….

  1. Mi nah lie me see this girl on my insta and she is kinna hard to look at cuz she looks odd. I think its the contacts, she already bleached and have that scary look the contacts jus mek she look creepier. I guess she feel she pretty. Her face is so odd she could pass for a tranny.

  2. Dah girl yah have (angle) beauty. Some ppl have that, where it depends on how you look at them…. Like Mi have double vision so mi see di many (angles) she does have a hard look. But again!!! at an angle. Anyways Mi caah badda wid angle faced ppl dem confusion bad…

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