1. He either Jamaican or Yankee only those two country men speak to women this way. When he come for his things I would gas and light them right in front let that breeding bitch go pack ur thing damn jancrow

  2. Oh wow, this is hurtful. I hope that woman leaves and never looks back. He is so cruel and disrespectful. She will bring forth a child, just not for his lousy ass. If Hannah did it, so can she.

    1. It happens, it’s because some of these women too ashamed to talk expecially some of these married women who are getting cheated on and holding on to the marriage to save face. I know one all she does is cry her husband told her to her face he not leaving the side woman either live with it or leave smh . Jamaican man with money smh she refuse to “start over”

  3. He was just waiting for her to find out, he needed a out of the relationship so he can concentrate on his new baby mother, cruel but this can happen when a woman does a wife duties without benefit of marriage vows. Mommy seh if you give the milk for free, why buy the cow. Sorry fi hear but him do her a favor. He would have left sooner or later. There are good men out there, but rule number one, do not give your all to anyone, you are your first priority. Time heals all wounds

    1. Nicely said Sweet! This guy is a moron and appear to be a selfish individual. A real man wouldn’t say such a thing to his woman when she found out he got another woman pregant. He is your typical A**hole.

  4. dont worry he will get what he deserve…this is heartbreaking..i can believe that its true…men can be this cruel…glad he behave the way he did so she see she neva did fi breed fi him inna di first place..him betta pray di baby nuh come out deformed

  5. A the new baby madda him have a send them text deh. Pussyole, if she was soo worthless why not leave her alone why wait till she find out to drag her even more.

  6. Hmmm. So she is 7 months pregnant and only now giving him the “evidence”? I see. Or was he sick enough to keep it for so long. This is so cruel that it seems so fake but if it’s true, we all know she dodged a bullet. Wow!

  7. If this is true and the “wifey duty lady” is reading pinkwall…please repeat to yourself this is not your fault and thank God you did not bare this poor excuse of a man a child. And be sure even if you did give him a child he would have still cheated. If it’s true, you have a long healing process ahead of you, but you can get through this. Who needs assholes like him anyway. Renk and out a order.

  8. Same suh, baby mada have it coming too. Him ago disown the baby & slut shame she when him find hotter gal fi true.

  9. Sender a you a win. Side chick really got her self a good one!! Hush baby girl God is looking out for you. Great man on the way God cleared out the garbage. He been disrespectful you know it didn’t just start now. Here are the answers to the questions you always ask yourself. Move on now and be happy.

  10. This broke my heart… but guess what child support is a mother and if he cheating on the pregnant girl also then she is in for it too, because according to him a 2 gal him a f**k a day WOW… NO RESPECT NO REMORSE NO CARE NO LOVE… hunny u lucked out pack his stuff fast

  11. not cruel some woman love holding on to whats done too much … based on his responses they been over

  12. Mi nuh shed tears suh easily an mi a tell yuh mi cry a read dis… Him naa go good yuh ago win dis my girl… And a neva him yuh fi breed fah… father god ago send di right man. bwaai mi feel it… A ungle hope yuh nuh pack shit… behave like mad ppl, Light every bloodclaat ting and fling dem a road f**k up every rass and when di police come yuh show dem di evidence.

  13. After reading this and feel sorrow for her I hope he find out that baby aint even his. Fyah fi dat

  14. I hope she dont pack shit!!! gasoline to him belongings!!! And I also do hope that baby that he wants so badly ISSA JACKET..Mek him gwaan, every daag have dem day…BLOODCLAAATE BRITE..

  15. Speaking from experience it happen.. my dog and him new baby mama write a letter and leave it in our vacation home so I could see it telling me how she gonna have the son I couldn’t have.. but my dear if you r reading him going to feel it

  16. Don’t pack a dam thing. Just throw them out.. And if you wanna be nice about it, throw them out whilst he’s standing outside. Pray to God for the deliverance your heart needs from this terrible heartbreak, block and delete and move right along. God really has a way for fixing these ones. And as someone up above said, don’t ply the wifey role unless the wedding ring is on your finger and you are getting what is rightfully your own. Pray, move on, smile and be blessed!

  17. These are all great opinions/advice, some of the thoughts I had earlier after reading this but I was so emotional and traumatized that all my thoughts where pure evil. I will say this dude has always been a jerk to this woman. Someone just don’t wake up and become this cold hearted. People do what you allow and he knew he could speak to her in this manner and get away with it vs loosing his penis or becoming premenately crippled after being so disrespectful.

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