19 thoughts on “SHE LOOKS NICE TO ME

  1. Backwards people with bad mind will say she’s sick, people with sense will simply say she’s working out or dieting. There’s a difference between losing weight and getting in shape, know the difference people.

  2. Sender what’s funny tuh you ?? If people get fat unno sey them need tummy tuck,and gym .if people get slim uno sey it look funny unno need fi blind. Tina jet set look good. Tina is 48yrs old and she don’t look it. Tina jetset wears nice clothes she always put herself together nicely. Sender you strange. Sender you needs to ask doctor Phill what’s wrong with your brains.

  3. I am short and I gained weight and I hate it! Can’t wait to get down to something comfortable. Excess weight is disgusting, especially if you nuh distribute it right, like me. I love Kermit but I don’t want to have his body type. Even my body odor is different. Kudos to anybody who go from fat to fit. Did my BMI and got the shock of my life, now I am in obese class one category, and diabetes run on both sides..kmt. Fck fat and fat worship in black culture across the diaspora. Fit is fab!

      1. Dats because 80% or more of diseases live in fat cells. So yes, you smell different, not bad, different, because your body getting toxic. If you are attuned to yourself you should be able to smell the difference in your secretions after eating an abundance of certain foods. If you getting sick you should also be smelling the difference. Dats why dogs can smell cancer in someone before they get diagnosed. It pays to be attuned to all aspects of your being, mental, physical, and spiritual.

  4. Tina u look bloodcloth good a wah sender mi noh see the reason fe send this to groupie because tina look good both way fat or slim uno have too much time on uno hand goh find something in the house fe clean and leave the girl tina a good clean heart girl soh any how she feel in are body fat or slim she look good and god still a bless are

  5. What is this for ??? Sender go bathe and leave d woman Alone she look good fi her age nobody trying to please you so what if she slim down a bit is there law against that ,send in your pic let ppl see what you look like idle careless senda story have no point come again ,and the point is ?????????????

  6. I’ve seen this woman plenty of times in videos a party and she looks good. God ahead lady you look good for your age keep best dem bad Mums!

  7. Sender a nuh everybody fat fit either! I bet yuh still Neva like Di woman when she did fat. Does her losing weight give you less to hate? Aye sah

  8. Leave Tina Jet Set. I always liked her. Aint nothing wrong with her. She’s looks good. She short too so you have to maintain the weight. Big up Tina stay looking good betta dem force ripe young gyal dem who ah 27 looking like them a 57. xoxox

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