Met what’s up with Kerryansweets and di man it look like dem leff dem tek down pics an all. she gone back gone (Edited) a Cali now it look like. saw her at BRT looking good still wid har new man


10 thoughts on “SHE MEK DI WALL BEFORE?

  1. When I tell u social media is a hell of a ting. Now that comment was not even necessary. If she selling front isn’t that her busniess. Y must ppl do thing like that. It’s her front to sell Lawd man. Dem just upset dem front can’t even make dem a nickel.kmft

  2. The man comment and say “a fat stripper” that’s who in the pink hair .. Poor she .. She and dis ugly gal name shackera two a dem nuh have no bc papers and walk and sell PUSSI like and don’t have a bc bed ! Walk n kotch every weh in America .. Ah di best life dem ever live .. Let them rock ! Pussi sellin or not they work very hard taking them trips to LA .. DWFL until the next hustler comes around with more money.

    Mi see di one Nikki chin wid har rotten teeth dem weh day ig do Dem bitch ya justice ugly no rass .. Weh me wa know is if a boat dem come pan mek dem can’t get papers all this pussi selling to the highest bidder and STILLL! How u fi live one life a Jamaica and den come a merika a live same life .. Kerry dem seh u wuk nuff obeah and me still nuh see a bed .. Obeah man weak mi love

  3. So let me get this. dem boasty gal here nuh live no where nor have papers. if this is true, young lady this is sad and you must get your life together asap because dat nuh mek it. U have too much followers and too boasty pon my TL man.

  4. Sender u sounds bloodclot hurt low mi friend she a f**k ur man y u knw u she sell pussy..a hate unuh dutty Jamaican that’s y I don’t mix wit unuh a foreign..if the gal did lock weh her self from the world unuh wudda say she pop dun…but thru the gal look good and go la it’s a problem same way

  5. Nobody no bAd mine ugly kerry girl bye…jamaica n merika a two different place cah live party life a yard n come a farrin wid it dem wutless…me glad new president a come in every 1 dem a get send home 1 by1

  6. Lawd Kerry again!!! Really it sad that people don’t have nothin better to do though … Leave the people them alone! Go watch news better things happening in the world to worry bout than fi a watch watch people business

  7. everything that has been said about this girl is true she really don’t live anywhere she sells pussy an suck dick for a living… Kerry how much dick u suck since u been in America to sleep somewhere? Mek we see some improvement from u man yu leave ja an come a American with the same ting

  8. An nicki stop talk remember your pussy stink every man that f**k u say it Remember u still nuh live nowhere u at the Aunty house in the living room but unuh a sell **k

  9. Everybody never cut out to do nine to 5 , everybody know say kerry a tekka but she tekkin and surviving, is her front right, ppl just too nuff..we kno fr jamaica say she go both ways, but wat if shi no wan change , jus leave har mak she do she and stop badmind the gal.

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