Tell dah buss up body gal yah fi wear one bra r something candy yu cwrany buss up buss up an stay bad nuh bl**t yu fi behave y yu a gwan like yu breast stiff an yu couldn’t put on something better fi yu party an say yu a hot gal



  1. Sender you hate much… This girl looks like she has a pretty face and her body not bang up like most woman trying to wear something they have no business wearing if this is how the girl wants to come out to her party in which apparently I’m sure you attended to fass and be noisy in, and apparently you must be her friend on some social media to where you were able to get her picture and put out here for us to see, stop hating and get yourself right and have a party and show her who fi dress since you say the girl stay bad… IJS

  2. Boy from the selector lef har she going crazy….boy Candi u fi park….a gwane like u hot n u not in had mother house…party every night do something constructive check your self Inna a school r something mudford road mattress she n har cussing breed fi d same man nasty dash wey belly gyalall u a f**k the man cah buy u good bra to hold up ur embassy line dem, u a gwane like u a top gyal a rd put d mam name pon the flyer him not even a look pon you o gosh!!!!! N u say u hole good n u control boy,can’t even control your pussy….n me hear sey d party Neva all dat

  3. De gal de a bra fi ole up r two slippers dem fi bloodclat true even if the senda a hate r whatever mi mi really think de gal breast dem long an she should a wear r bra cuz dat she nuh look Gd fi true smh y she didn’t wear a different top an nuh weh yu wear Enuh a how yu wear it so come on guys talk truth

  4. U wah c di old Adidas shoes pon har foot how it bend n lean like Spanish town wah. Idk but have boot dem always lean n crush up like dem squeeze up inna har the other day at the man wey she a run behind, boy can run bar esi,the short set a rabble out it tin..u can know is a little cheap wholesale something.she could a use a scissors n trim off the threads.n uno say uno young n hot smh

  5. She say she a start cuz she reach pinkwall an she nah stop give ppl headace loool no sah an she say she a real hottaz an she fail fi put up y she still a run back a the selecta boy hot gal nuh run bck a man suh y yu a run back a de boy an yu day yu hot ???

  6. Onnu Lowe di girl and gweh…fi go si how onnu goodly look like shit..candy don’t pay den no mind a dat dem want..gwaan choo goodie..aidon good good mother!!

  7. She seh fashion lifestyle but yet still she cum out look like that and the funny ting a two a dem in the dance ave on the same jacket and u seh yuh mother live a london girl bye u don’t know wen fi hott up and wen not to u need fi go look a work and stop depend on ur mother and go be a mother an tek yuh son and raise him bitch cause the way how u did want a Pitney one dead and u go back go breed

  8. Me rass 2 a dem have on the same jacket….a 2 fi 1,worthless gyal depend pon mother,London fashion is fashionable n candy Nuh fashionable she need fi stop depend pon har momma nasty Dutty rass,walk n f**k like dog

  9. I would love to see some of the people on here talking about the girl titi long. Guh see how unu tan bad. Unu same one chat Yanique weh do har breast dem . Dats why me do me n nuh give a fk weh pple waa seh. Unu nuh easy.

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