Good morning groupie this gal tommy swaby go breed fih ppl married man and the man no want har because a two man name a call pan har child…now she a dis up the man big daughter say she look like handicap….but me a tell har say fih clean up har suck hood act





  1. My God! Father I beg of you to forgive her for she knows not what she’s doing. Young lady, your child has not even passed the age where he can fend for himself but yet you are on social media and in your dirty heart criticizing his SISTER(That’s if the child is really Sherlock’s). A child who was never asked to be born sick, handicapped or retarded. A child who needs all the love and protection that she can get. A child who will more than likely always be at the mercy and kindness of others. You are a sick! individual.

    Lord I pray for cover and protection for these kids from the cursed mouth of this woman. May her sins never fall down and cripple the life of her child or his siblings. May her son never reap the seeds that she sows. May her child grow up to be the one to look out for and protect his sister who is not able to do so for herself. May her son be a person who will fight for the rights and protection of the handicapped, mentally incapable and incoherent members of society. May his mother’s curse never fall upon his head. In Jesus name I pray for this child and his siblings. Amen.

    Ms. Dumbel I leave you to time and prayers.

  2. Amen …never u curse a child whether they have disabilities or not for a grown up woman and mother like you ( and I used the words loosely) u is a sick and disgraceful individual walk good an nuh badda back u toe….Bitch.

  3. Day in Day out she cuss the man big daughter I never see a sick soul like hers before, if she can’t find the man she cuss him daughter she need help! Only hope she don’t take out har man problem on her own kids cause she breed two time for people man and vex that none of them is there with her!! Tammy go wash yuh sour pussy and try find a man for yourself, yuh run go breed fi the gal husband and swear him did ago divorce har old germs yuh be!

  4. lord forgive this piece a shithouse

    If a ever my pickney police lock me up. Me tell my baby father say him gal them can cuss me all them want but if them ever pass them place with my child all bets are off

  5. condoms condoms please, in the heat of the moment things happen, these married men are to be held accountable lots of them have kids outside their marriage which comes back to haunt them, man come home with them buddy come push in wifey mouth coming from anywhere, allbout, community cocky

  6. The desperation is real nuh pussyclaat ! You can’t be a decent person referring to another person child as handicap looking. You are a sad individual. Seek God!

  7. I just look at her page and affi a wonder if a di same guy weh she post and post bout husband,baby father, love of her life and all kind a excitement if a really fi him daughter she a diss. Maybe she was making those same comment when the man with her why him run.

  8. Nasty gyal before u thank god u had a healthy child u there cursing the man next. Hey dutty gyal did u know as healthy as your son borned he can become a vegetable(knock on wood). You sick tummuck. Before u celebrate your so special day u shout him out and a put you dutty laundry in the same s.o. Nasty scum go to court an let them handle it instead of being so scandalous.

  9. Miserable hole gyal you yourself a handicap old germs two Pickens and no man beside yuh smh may God bless yuh bitch

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