1. When mi si how she mix dem roun ina di sink mi say no man… and is not like a 50 lbs a chicken and she cannot find a container

      1. Aunty Fee a shat mi say all a di contamination go right back inna the chicken bag. A di fust mi eva see smaddy season chicken wid flour inna sink.

        1. no don’t dweet mi cyaa manage it. a when the bwoy ask har wha it name ______________________________

  1. Dis lady right here need her own cooking show…I bet if any network was smart enough to sign her to a coking show contract, they would make soooo much money from viewer tune ins..she is a riot; mi couldn’t stop laugh…they would just have to put viewer discretion is advised while watching this show…Metty, I wouldn’t eat from her , but I shole would listen to her give cooking instruction wid di wholeap ah cussin DWMFLLLLLLLLL!!! :hammer

      1. Especially when she tell the yute fe bring his asss on ova by the sink..ah right deh suh the comedy show start :ngakak

  2. She funny bad wid de cussing, but unsanitary as shit lol!! she don’t have a clue to washing chicken wid some lemon juice or vinegar, nor washing har hand wid soap before touching alla de seasoning bakkle dem. Mi still like har doh she vibzes up the thing lol!

  3. Washing the chicken doesn’t serve any purpose as the bacteria that is on uncooked chicken can only be destroyed with heat. If you use lemon wash ur chicken and then season it it kinda defeat the purpose, plus lemon juice will start the “cooking ” process and take away from what you are trying to achieve . But it is none of my business a Unnu seh cook and cook seh Unnu what would I know.

    1. We use lemon juice and or vinegar to take away the nasty smell that happens when u get down to the bone of some a di chicken dem. So if it a cook it a mussy because it already likkle bit cooked why di smell go whey.

  4. What a nasty woman… I couldn’t watch all that shit I had to stop when she really Nuh was di meat wid Likkle vinegar or lemon And really a season meat inna sink dat sick mi stomach. Where the f**k dese mericans come from man wAh Mek dem nassy so.

  5. But washing the chicken defeat the purpose cause she tek sed(patois it spell right) chicken and put right back inna the contaminated bag smh deading

  6. Ms B if you Nuh wash chicken inna Likkle vinegar or lemon juice before seasoning then your stomach strong and more power to you… But di rawness whey present itself will Mek anybody throw the hell up. We grew up this way my dear, we were thought by our parents from our fore parents.

  7. But who the hell don’t wash a chicken wit likkle lemon juice r vinegar wid all the slime and smell whey raw chicken carry if it waa start cook more power to me that mean it come off the stove quicker mi say mi love how mi no nyam any n any way eno cause only God know wha gwaan inna some ppl kitchen smh

  8. das why unnu nuffi order chicken when unnu go restaurant, as a matter of fact no order no meat because dem no wash it, it come straight out the bag and into the pot

  9. Im gunna be completely honest. Im not shocked. Alot of people do this disgusting shit. Even at your fav restaurant in town do it. Trust me I no. Its gross. Dats why mi try mi best to eat at home becuz dat is seasoned chicken wid bacteria

  10. This is so nasty, I can’t man. She not even mek it thaw out and pick off some of the feather dem if any on it and wash it properly with vinegar or lime juice and she fi know paprika is dried grounded smoked mild peppers so it does infact have a taste. Mi belly a hawt me from watching that oye.

  11. The first thing that came to mind is…
    – why shi was di chicken in di sink?
    – YUK… No lemon juice or vinigah?
    Is Ms B Jamaican or West Indian? Cah mi nuh undahstan… The chicken go start cook????????

  12. at least she nuh season inna bath tub like nigerians……careful who you eat from …..bless and sanctify

  13. Unu deh talk bout innah sink, di amount a bacteria transfarrrrrrance mi si a gallang yah suh..lady don’t even wash har hand wid soap aftah handling di raw meat, but she rinse hand and a wipe pan towel and den use it wipe di countah..and b4 dah she touch every season containah and ebry ting else wid di dutty hand same way..jeezum peesies, no sah…at di end di sink still nuh wash properly and she put dung di bag in deh and going to put it back innah di fridge same way dear fawdah help har.

  14. Shi too rass nasty. Who a stawt cook wid sink full a dutty plate? Looks like di container shi fi use eena di dutty section. Even di simplest a smaddy wah lib a cuntry and still a guh gutta guh ketch wata do dem ting more sanitary dan dis. Lime a pick off a tree fi wash di meat before any seasoning even stawt, everything dun eena di proppa container.

    1. _________________________________ u know a so it look fi true…so she freeze mi neva know wet flour can freeze suh ..someone please a risk taker please follow har steps and mek mi know how it rerk out

      1. a grung me reach when she pull out the parsley i cyaa tek it. a jimmy kimmel she reach wid har madness to fawt

        1. Yuh know mi start look back a mi because dat specific brand of parsley have no kinda taste :ngakak if dem eva gi ha r a cooking show all obama she wudda dash di parsley pan and cook rite out..falling off di bone and shit :hammer

          1. PP when she raise di bakkle mi jump ..parsley a di wonder seasoning oo __________________________

  15. De woman a spin de chicken inna de sink and a talk bout “all that shit in there” lol along side a sink wid dutty things….deadingggggggg

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