0 thoughts on “SHE SEH COCKY COOLAH

  1. Metty, yuh nuh ramp fe jumpstart di mawnin off right!!! But ah dat the likkle girl deserve, ow yuh mean?! Some ah dem too f**kin outta awda ah brute fe chue; love run up edna the wrong set ah people and when the war start dem cyaah manage it…what ah piece ah hot tracings she neva sen plan fe get…dat likkle cocky scavengah :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  2. Yeaman! boast pon yuh big bad son dem…a hope wen police mash up two dem yuh nuh come bawl bout dem innocent

  3. Lmaoooooo mi haffi teck bad things make laff mama say the gurlll come like shit pon shut tail n dem walk n clean cocky :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer
    My people my people when unnu ago behave smh

      1. hey Lalibela I’m sure that likkle girl was embarrassed for sure but that lady mental u hear how much kids she start off wid first 10 boys then 13 kids then 8 sons n zekes is har son i think might b 50 odd so she is him mother is another puzzle but we Jcans have a saying ‘don’t wake a sleeping giant’ n it looks like one was woken lmao

        tawkchuet in transit

  4. cocky cleaner, cocky scaminger (me tink ah dat him say) cocky cleaner like nyc transit u ah clean, no sah, me lauf anna skin teet ah listen to d elder ah cuss out rass…me woodnt waa him trace me atall!!!!

    :hammer :hammer

    Morning jmg, :angel met, jmg crew, :peluk bloggers, :cool peepers an all, bless up. Me come down a bit caw me neva waa mix up d salutation wid d cleaner uppatop, lol.

  5. But you know what? I bet di likkle girl SHAME when di oman finish. MY GAWD!! Some a dem pickney too outta orda but di oman sound TERRIBLE!!! Mi nah lie mi did haffi cuss out one a dem likkle bad breed pickney a time ago. Di likkle girl was looking a hype offa ar friends & said something careless bout me. Random. Mi gather her up PROPA & when I was finished she was like “Sorry Miss.” I told her if you mind yu tongue you will NEVER have to be sorry.

    1. Mi she’ll dung 2 alreadyyyy. ..rude as hell bout dis bitch. When I check levels I know her mawda. I just call her mawda. ..her mawda shell har out .But Granny sound like all har pressure a go up.

  6. Dem shoulda trow har off di bus, dutty ole ooman, mi tired of these crow bait sending bad signals about Jamaicas with dem disgraceful conduct

    1. Come on man, yuh caan call the 58 year old woman a crow bait. You don’t know what it took to push her to her limit. Respect the elders; even when they are not [seemingly] respectful of self and others…

  7. a so di likkle dutty gal dem gwan a NYC dem brite and facety till dem realize seh dem f**k wid di wrong onee if mi did deh pan da bus deh mi wudda gi har a fawwuudddddddd.. dem rude fi real man.

      1. She couldn’t digest it Metty…people fe learn fe stop chubble people..I bettu that likkle cocky scavengah will be very mindful of who she mess wid next time doe

  8. But Met yuh nuh hear di lady ,she well hip, yuh nuh here she tell di boy say she Gucci and a just last month mi ketch da slang deh granny up to the time

  9. Joke of d day ” yuh have a cocky problem” :ngakak d likkle girl obviously was rude put her in her place yes

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