21 thoughts on “SHE SEH POPPY NEVA FIT

  1. Everybody over Pinkwall know this long time, girl u just bitter. It never too small when it was in your mouth and your hole though? Scorned bitch.

  2. Mi hate bitter ex with a passion. Jealous yuh jealous but him never qualify fi be your man, when him did fcuk yuh out yuh never know that. Uno gyal wicked to uno self because him neva did a own up like that but because the new girl a get weh you could never get yuh wanna be mad? Who’s fault is that. People mi say it all the time when your willing fi tek and accept any form of treatment or behaviour that your so call man or woman is giving, is like yuh lower yuh self worth and after dem don’t respect you like that. Warren ex big up yuh self the gyal look happy nuh bumbo.

  3. Lol! My girl sad like wah! A better she did jus seh don’t mix har and gwaan! When him did a f**k you out him did good enough though!

  4. Smaddie need to get the message out n warn Dexta Daps….dappa ur neck n tings dem goodly put up next pon the chopping blocks n cut u down to size boss.

    Keep warning unno to mek the groupies know dem limits cuz when the bitter gall buss inna dem it worse than when red pepper get whey inna red peas soup.but noo unno too comfy. .all a drop asleep inna dem bed smh.Poppy that’s what you get for picking up pretty dunce’s leave*not left them.

  5. Dwl Popcaan an di macaroni buddy.. man wid dem size buddy deh nuffi even inna buddy talk leave dose tings tuh dexta di buddy master…A mussy chu mi ago come pan period but mi would a Tek dexta inna all holes right now :)…..Wait deh x out one a di holes my bad.

  6. @Yardie nobody cant talk bout Dexta having a tiny dick so they better draw fi something else. That we are all very much aware of. Plus he’s hot af.

    1. It’s the principle of the thing anon….bitterness equates into lies of crazy proportions. Them can sey dappa Inna draws…wait they did debate if it was french cut or bingo on here.

      All unno same one pon here sey Poppy popcorn hold inna the large container just that him lazy so it nah popping. Mi doan like it when unno mek dem farriners tell lies pon n diss the Yardies.Gwaan through mi dj n mek the popcorn pop…pop pop pop pop pop pop!!!Lulu fool loo go SYM straight n go wash out the salt n sand outta ur :takut :kacau:

  7. Nuh Dexta dem ketch a tek hood? Den how summuch Ooman on this wall a swear awfa di shit up buddy suh? Latty…mi expek betta from yu…DWRCLLLLLLLLL

  8. Mi naahhh defend insecure Popcaan mek him gweh ! Mek him defend him damn self. Him fly in the girl fi birthday suh mek him deal wid him mess wah him create. Him nuh wah mash up wid Kavelle suh him Nah defend it online,but yet still a f**k down the whoooole place, dem fi buss every nastiness bout him, the girl seh him still a want har up pan the downlow, the man nuh deserve fi get defend.

  9. Correct me if I’m mistaken. Wasn’t it Dexter photo wid man eena bed a circulate? Wasn’t it he who said the man dem drug him and sex him awf?

  10. Mr. Dexter… apologies Sir. Please to continue mad di gyal dem. FIRE BUNN PON GAY GUY MARVIN THE MARTIAN.
    Once again my humblest apologizes to Dexter and the lust filled ladies on the Pink Wall…..continue

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