1. Gweh u likkle ole wilderbeast tuff n ugly nuh bl..dcl…at.

    Cyaan si say she no learn not even from basic school.

  2. No no it’s wrong to talk bout she ugly n tuff. She is a big women if she want to get thrown from left to right n have man a jump pull n fling her all around that’s her right. She has a right to be treated how she sees fit. Just because we the people see the foolishness n danger behind the madness does not give us the right to disrespect her. Stop tearing people down learn to mind ur own business. As long as it’s not u move right along out of the horses mouth dem luv it. So move on

  3. She did a breed fi do big old tailor man uppa pilly blacks plaza and go pon head top and dance out di pickney…right Inna do tailor shop she fcuk and breed wutliss lil gal

  4. A wonder if unno see wha really a gwane yasso? Smh, perfect candidate for battered woman and wouldn’t see a thing wrong with it.

  5. Dumb bitch, shut de fuqq up! Yu nose big like yu coulda rent room inna it! Yu salt like Hellshire Beach nuh bloodclaat! Likkle eediat gal….a waan buy yu a pound a flour and a tin mackerel. Gwey!!!!!!

  6. Unno nuh see seh di idiot gal nuh have nuh sense damn ass smh she want a man lick har wid piece a board

  7. Mouth look like she suck di big finga hawd lol things like dese Mi can only :ngakak cause Mi wah cry fi dem some ppl just nuh know betta…. yeah :ngakak a weak a Marvin dem school har fi duh dis

  8. Tanecia, is how many tin mackerel and tuff crackaz you get fi meck dis public service announcement? Guh develop some pride and self-worth, betta yet, go teck some dance lessons a Edna Manley school so you can truly know what dance suppose to be. Once unno start teck hood unno tink unno grown and have it togedda. You allowed a man to dehumanize you and treated you like trash in di name of entertainment and you come a defend it. All he was left to do is shit in you mout, and abet him treat him toilet at home better dan him treated you. All dat for what? You needa got ratings nor a prize, but have di nerve fi show your face. Go get some damn ambition other than being big cratches Marvin beating post.

  9. My girl you are worthless! Yu give up you rights fi wha? A week worth a change, clothes or fake friendship?

    Mek sure you don’t complain bout police, government,buggering,rapist or “sufferation” cause you part a de problem big and broad yah now….damn coward!

  10. Yes she is a child my dad was a good friend of her dad also my mom and her mom she doesn’t really have any monitorial family to guide her if you understand she is not from dat type of family that really pays much attention to their each other in a certain things everybody has their own responsibilities

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