39 thoughts on “SHE SEH VERBS BOSS

  1. Rasss probably d odda gal dem a swell up him head say him can fuck good that’s y him a boast :ngakak all me now woulda tell him fi stop cause some bwoy lame only thinking of themselves to cum and not satisfying the woman.

  2. Kmt so the man nuh do you ntn him just never perform well and you come over here fi disgrace him? Why unuh nust tell people bout unuh sex life??????

  3. From you look pon Sean Paul aka creepin closet boos or timber lounge boss. U can seee that him likkle bit! Who surprised??? Not me!

  4. Sounds vindictive SYM and Lowe the man , it’s good to see a black man own something in Jamaica you loose bitches need to Gweh

  5. Why u do Sean so? No sah! Him ano d first man fe pop dung n him nah be d last. You cuda vent to him n block him after but fe send it in a public forum to embarrass him and his baby mother?

  6. A goodly lie yaah raas tell fi embarrass the man and get a hype. Maybe di man fuck out u ole good and naah use u, so u a mad out right now. Dats y u come a try a mash up di man life

  7. A nuff a uno kno whole heap a dem big man ya weh a look woman n dem full a chat amd boast how dem bad imma bed and when time come dem buddy can hardly be seen. So weather or not she gi weh di pussy a fi har business. This is to show di dutty man dem fi keep dem dick inna dem pants n accept who dem have. Nasty johncrow dem

  8. Why are y’all saying she shouldnt embarrass the man? Wasnt this site started with her same premise?

  9. Woooi
    me glad me see this. Sean Paul love call up woman name and tell lie pon pussy too much! Long time dem fi run him file and dis him. Him work as immigration officer and tell lie pon the JetBlue girl dem. Once u look good, him friend you and then tell ppl say uno a fuck. Gweh likkle buddy boy.

  10. Sender you would like him come out come say yuh thing nuh have nuh grip some things fi stay in bedroom and all when yuh do this woman still ago waan give him them body probably him never a feel nuh vibes with u come on do better man

  11. Ahhmmm… what do you think you’ll get out of all of this? Is he the first man that did this to you? You could’ve just moved on to the next nigga. A man’s value is in his pockets not below his waste. ‘Good fuck’ can’t be added to man’s net worth but his assets can such as, the 2 businesses he owns. Grow the fuck up and look for other things to enjoy other than a ‘good fuck’ 🙄

  12. Sender just 3 dates you get and a lame bedroom action? Nothing else? Nuh get d bag ? Now mi see y u mad.

  13. So you bitxch how phuk, u gonna blame a man for a penis size god gave him, and u get small vagina
    From god and mek man stretch it out

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