I love giving my man oral s*x, and lots of it. But I love losing myself in just sucking and licking and playing with his stiff c*ck, and so I close my eyes.
Usually, he’ll notice, and say, “Baby, look at me nuh,” so I do.
What is the fascination with this? I do whatever he wants in bed, but I often wonder why the eye contact thing is so important.
Any opinions?


    1. :dp :dp :dp :dp :dp :dp :dp
      Night Met, Night Metters…
      (for got to put name, delete the anon please)

  1. We need to see your commitment to the job at hand. And to do that we need to look deep into your eyes as you work.

        1. @Met
          He need her to look in his eyes because him confuse, he’s mixing his personal life with porn…. because in porn yuh can hear dem a direct the woman to open dem eyes an look pon di man.
          yuh should tell him to look in your eyes at all time when him a nyam yuh. So even in the dark of night when lights lock off yuh affi steer in his eyes?

  2. Idk what it is about men wanting their women to look at them during oral sex.. Hello we’re busy at work, Ur interrupting us! We don’t have time for that Lol.. It turns them on tho

      1. Sender, try role reversals…tell him you want to get your kitty eaten while standing up, wearing 8 inch stilettos with one leg propped up on a chair, while he is on his knees licking you and staring into your eyes…

    1. Look ya sah…sucking and neck elevation is quite painful and annoying as hell…I need to keep my neck at cockkk level, thank you very much!!!

        1. Chuetty, dem tink wi hab time fe ah look up while wi ah struggle fe tek dem deh length ah big hood dung wi choat hole? :rolleyes:

          1. I just tried it (nuh the sucking part, the looking up), it hurt mi yeye sockets an mi feel pain ina mi farrid.
            @senda you should ask which one him preffa, the sucking or looking into his eyes *talk about greedy dog*

          2. Yuh farrid hurt??…hush ya!!…by the time yuh done suck ah look, yuh dizzy, confused and cross eyed and need fe guh ah optometrist fe get yuh vision checked….dem chest too damn high ya missis :hoax2

  3. Should have more female like you. Just deal with the thing when mi a watch a game a the best time that

  4. What if the man want suckings early inna the mawnin and the lady decide fe look inna him eyes ( per his request ) and she have ah shitt load of matta in her eye corners….will he still desire the suckings and she still have to stare at him wid eye boogu?…how sexy is that?>>>> :hoax2

      1. Metty, some ah dem man deh too demanding and too damn bad wid dem one bagga request…and when it come time fe dem look inna your eyes wid dem lieing self, dem cyaah duh dat….nuh eye contact at all…mek mi guh mek eye contact wid mi pillow and bed post…nite ya mummy :kiss

  5. Sender, on a serious note though….the eyes are the doors to your soul…people make eye contact for many different reasons…people choose not to make eye contact for many different reasons…good nite JMG’ers, inna di morrows :peluk :peluk :peluk

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