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  1. Whoiiii Met u nuh see Cantankerous Spice a read scripture Pon Live :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Spice yuh need deliverance. Angel win, done now man.

    1. Due to ow di people dem a give it to her left and right she playing victim now..Spice, Angel did NOTHING to u… my lips N-O-T-H-I-N-G………..ok…Rebel was the one who was shading her and her stylist responded and she told her stylist to finish and ure not even mad at the stylist a Angel u come out strong for. What u call that?

  2. Im sorry but met you need to stop pick side and speak the truth..even after the woman played yhe proof the angel was calling he down which angel denied doing you still here bashing the woman..i am a jamaican but yall really make me sick…when you ppl dont view thing from a mutural stand matter what ppl do in life once yall hate a person,no matter how right they are unno give them the wrong..and thats just sad..

    1. Stop talking nonsense..are you that dumb? Spice played no proof……….Angel said she called spice about the collab because she was always asking her sister to do a collab with her………….The voicenotes spice played showed that angel was calling her after the song..dont tell me ure that dumb…a so people gi uno poison and tell uno a kool aid because uno jus dont have no sense..spice incriminated herself because she LIEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD…I said it before that spice was not upset about no calls…she was upset about the stylist dissing her and she mus fraid a di stylist why she jump all the way over the stylist head and gone vex wid angel…a sense uno nuh have so?? STOP THE NONSENSE UNO FOOLISHHHHHHHHH

      1. If some a uno would jus read the news a day time uno mind would a open so much..How can someone blatantly tek uno fi fool infront a uno face and uno eat it up? Did angel seh spice beg her to do collab? NO SHE NEVER..DID ANGEL SAY SHE DID NOT CALL SPICE?? NO SHE DIDNT..infact she said if she stopped talking to spice after the collab how did she go to her woman empowerment…those were her words..Now she mad seh angel a class har body n she was the one who call angel whore………….cuss cuss nuh bring good words and whatever angel said hit spice very hard she come out wid bible..the girl did not bother spice a she a war wid herself n her head tuff like a tyre if all now she nuh get it seh angel never did a war wid har but she will not get it because she a war wid angel ina har mind fi years..pathetic

        1. Met Spice expected Angel to remain quiet like she did before but it back fired and Angel responded powerfully.

    2. @blessed Spice only posted what Angel was saying she never let use hear her responses to Angel. So she never really made her point.

  3. Spice seh angel call har dung fi di collab den stop call afta di song drop, ( dat was her words) but now shi release voice notes weh angel a call har dung afta di song voice suh once agen she expose har self as a liar

  4. The bottom line is spice, you need to go and clean up your dirty heart. Yuh remember this song? ” badmind nah guh bring yuh go no where, he say she say not a game to play clean up yuh mind and your dirty heart and jah will show you the way” All if a person a dead fi thirst, I wouldn’t suggest them to ask spice for a cup of water. So much people can’t be against one person suh!!! And it’s not even against, its more like telling the truth! But she can’t handle the truth suh she draw for old voice notes with the girl saying ya’ll should perform together. What does that prove? Ya’ll have a song together so nothing is wrong if she ask that you guys perform it together. Then yuh guh draw for bible, girl sit your ass down! You are dead wrong plain and simple! Spice, remember enuh, anuh just angel yuh do this to enuh…. is a whole heap a people, and people tireddddddd a yuh!!!! That is why you a get so hard!! You have a pattern…yuh cant be trusted! Yuh mouth a go be the death of you!!

  5. Morning ppl, Met leave the fools them alone because they will not get it. I said it last night spice wicked, lie n evil. People need to watch themselves. Spice eyes them dry with her evilness n lies. She cannot fool me !!!

  6. I can’t teck when ppl use di Bible as dem prop. So you a read from and show Bible on camera, so that supposed to suddenly turn you into someone good. Kmt. Betta you guh buy muzzle fi u mout, it would be far more effective and start teck effect immediately. Spice, you need decades a spiritual work fi clear out yourself, jump read Bible fi five seconds fiddi camera a gimmicks, suh guh buy a muzzle and hire someone to run your social media pages and call it a day.

    If you did publicly apologize to Naro and him Modda and teck up Bible from dat time you wouldn’t ketch yasso. Humility is a word you don’t know, peace and happiness far from you. How come your money and global fame nuh bring you joy yet. Ongle God can bring true joy, and mi naw talk jump up inna church, mi a talk the intimate, sweet relationship with the creator of All. See Spice, hell and heaven are not places, they are states of being, and fi all your worldly achievements you living in depths of hell, you is even a disciple of that place cause you don’t use your life to spread anything good, just decay and disharmony. I really wish you well cause even the smallest light can push out the deepest darkness. Seek light to push out the darkness in your soul.

  7. Spice is going to start a YouTube channel to ‘dun’ peope. A wah wrang wid diss long time antiquated big woman.

    Ishawna was going on, riding high. She dissed Miss Lou, people said to her, maybe it wasn’t your intent but it didn’t come across well. Ishawna wouldn’t heed. Now where’s Ishawna. Remember Pepsi took back their endorsement deal. However Spice has never been embraced by corporate Jamaica. Spice I hope you turn your bible to the chapter that talks about being humble. Guh create YouTube channel about di one wey Nuffy put pan yu.

  8. @blessed, What the hell is wrong with you????? You make ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOOOOOOO (0) SENSE!!!!! Everything you stated so POWERFULLY CONTRADICTS itself, because that is EXACTLY what you and everyone else, who’ve failed to see the situation for what it is and nothing more or less, is doing to Angel! Because unnu DON’T LIKE di girl, unnu expect wi fi kill har and use any and everything that happened in her past against her, in a situation that has not one friggin’ thing fi dhu wid any of that!

    You are as gullible as they come! Weh yuh mean by “Im sorry but met you need to stop pick side and speak the truth..even after the woman played yhe proof the angel was calling he down which angel denied doing you still here bashing the woman”????? What truth????? Do you even know how this whole thing started????? What rass “proof”????? “Proof” of what????? The ONLY [email protected] thing that that bitch proved, was that by using the Bible, all while she continued to lie; she’s a deadly and dangerous bitch, and by playing these voice notes she yet again, LIED when she said Angel hasn’t called her since getting the song done! Weh yuh mean by “proof” that Angel was calling down her phone????? Proof, yes! Calling, yes! But when????? Ah suh unnu mek dah wicked gyal deh yak unnu fi eediat and mek unnu shame unnu self, because I cannot begin to tell you HOW F-ING STUPID YOU LOOOK or how UPSETTING it is that you and others swallow anything dat treacherous bitch gi unnu fi nyam! Pull di damn wool offa yuh/unnu yeye and guh learn fi pick sense outta friggin’ nonsense! Unnu tuh much now, man! [email protected]!!!!!

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