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  1. Saying that Usain got her pregnant was just a joke and they both laugh about it, believe it or not not every woman would open up her legs to the world’s fastest. Shelly Ann is a grown was married woman and her executions are always well calculated both on and off the track. I realize overtime that with US Jamaican you can never win, one of her peers had a baby last year and dem beat the woman and how she old and what not. You can never please everyone all the time and you will run yourself to a wreck trying.

  2. I wish her well,she had her 30th bday last year,she may not be as young as some of her peers but she is still a formidable opponent. I wish her a happy and healthy baby.

  3. People started speculating she was having twins because she posted two baby emojis and they just ran with that (misled me also). It was later changed to one emoji when the news got out. Wish her all the best though.

  4. If the woman and her husband want to have a baby it’s their right, she is not that old to say she couldn’t get back in there and do what she does best, a baby is a blessing and also the little life that gives you that motivation that you need to be the best for them, so you never know she might come back twice as bad as she was before and show everyone she is still the best but people need to stop judge and be happy for her.. I do not know if she has other children or if it’s her first but either way it goes children are a blessing from God so congratulations and wish you the best with you baby and your career…

  5. People wicked!!! Dem fi lef di bloodclaat ooman. She married and ready fi start har family. She’s at her peak now, she want a child to nurture and grow into a law abiding citizen. Is who an dem?? She cyaan run fi di rest of her life. At some point in time things would have to slow dung. She is not Merlene Ottey. She is young and ready for motherhood. Guh tru Shelly, di belly look good pon yuh!!

  6. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak A suh usain a gwan lol poor kasi all when ano fi har man him name still call pan next gal dwl…One ting doe mi nuh believe inna… mi will post mi child long afta but mi naw post me pregnant wid nuh belly pan nuh social media. Nuh tink a di best ting still.

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