18 thoughts on “SHEMAR GO SIT DOWN

  1. @Marie – VERYYYYYY Prime example of a low class low self esteem man clown. How you throwing words off a gal that’s fucking your man? You should call your man up stalk him and curse his ass out. I’m tired of these man clown bullies. GTFOH!! Shamar your body ugly ugly ugly ugly and nasty looking baddddddd. Ewwwwwwwwww

  2. She said the girl was secret fuck. But shamar him walk and fuck everybody so a no one secret fuck. U should a shame a comment that. Ediot gyal .

  3. Mettttt link me… Shamar is such a waste gal yow fi a big woman whey have pickny how she does/do/dose it????? The woman a war over a different man and 1 year ago is another one. Jason naw see back road and if him do him going somewhere else to fine a whole new life and nedda gal. Him leave him legacy behind which is a owl Lexus truck and some fake jewelry wey everyday this big no use to tings gal talk about… the caption is right “SHAMAR GO SIT DUNG MAN” Lowe the bloodclawt gal and stop look hype offa har cause you is Bronx beating stick, girl they be dragging you. Listen is better she friend Tina than friend a gal whey beat out har bloodclawt till it reach pan world star how trishy beat you and yet still a you and trishy dat Again??So what if she and Tina deh pan live??? Wasnt you eating out of Tina pot and sleeping on her floor and you go tek bloodclawt Jason fair is fair. Everyday you get up pan the gal like some big dutty crobate Lowe the gal now man. Yessss Shamar you call dung the gal phone and she change har number. Only your little waste friends rate you and some a them are being hypocrites because deep down they can’t stand you, big and vulgar. Gal you have no shame go try sort out yourself you busy a war over Jason whey would never war over you 3 finger discount gal. You have no chill go bill man, tek whey your alligator face from yasso man.

  4. “Conjical visit”????? Them dunce gal here needs to go crack a book and stay off social media, it’s embarrassing

  5. How my boy no dun har pon di live, like dat shit stop keep inna 2018. You can’t style Kimone…sis stayed on your mind from 2018 til now. YOU ARE A M.F MAN BLOODCLAAT CLOWN.

  6. She looking attention from the Lil girl..when Fel Fel and the yahee girl did bust har she wasn’t acting like this

  7. Dunce bat shamar what is conjical visit ??
    A must mars yuh learn your words.

    The entire crew dunce.

    @met did you see apple post sunday. Gal put up sey she cook ” stew pease ” and sey a real country pepper inna her “stew pease”

    Apple cannot spell peas!!!
    Shamar a wonder if a spanish unno so call godbless bitches write in.

    Apple spell [“pure”]as pear high fashion she wear.
    she want somebody by her a shoes[ “buy “]

    Dirty shamar, Mario from LAB never war you nor jason when you run yuh nasty friendly p…y pon him best friend jason wey yuh phuck from THE same crew .

    Whoring shamar guh sit yuh thiefing low life self down .

    go get a job bitch and stop thief out a the people them store .

    Shamar guh fight kerryann black chanel bag wey YUH nuh stop borrow.

  8. That fight with her and Fel Fel wasn’t nothing cause felesha look coward asf in the video when all shamar frens where there, and kerryann was going off. Felesha had something in her hand and cut Shamar nothing big, Kmt. Nobody won that fucking fight, felesha full a bare mouth. She nuh meet her match yet, wait till when somebody buss her ass.

  9. Hi fi the miss up top whey ask… that bwoy been on the run forever, run lef Bronx go la… run lef la cause him fuck bulla woman and bulla was gonna woop dat ass, till him reach back over there…rob man and run back to Bronx… shoot man and then run to Miami then shoot man and gal a Miami, get deport and come back and go jersey. The man histreee long till it bend like him cock whey dem a war over. You copy??

  10. Shamar you a bronx beating stick all now yuh nuh retaliate when the Yankee gal them buss up yuh head and when fel ,fel stab you .
    shamar ,ugly sally sister kick yuh inna yuh batty and kick u out her shop.

    Shamar you so shameless you phuck 2 man from the same crew and now want to war kimone wey nuh know u .

    Batta ears shamar .

    ,phucki ,phucki shamar.

    Shamar yuh phuck nardie get money last year because u think him have money .

    nardie get money front teeth them rotten out and him kiss you.

    Shamar u got a big daughter and you setting no example for her.

    Shamar nuh man nuh want you.
    pass round donkey.

    Shamar a because jason wanted and a look woman to take care of him thats why he was fucking u.

    The entire bronx knows that jason look woman fi mine him .

    Shamar guh love youself.

    Jason not coming out suh why u keep on seeking attention.

    Shamar becareful lightning nuh struck u inna the fraud metal chain them wey jason gone a prison left .

    Kimone yuh need fi throw piss pon shamar .

    Kimone, shamar a clown .

  11. Dis big donkey batty low life gal!!!! All unnu have a mouth, fake clothes and fake shoes! No class unnu nuh have! U shamar is the tru definition of a full load of shit! Di gal a pressure u baaaaddddd!!!!! Kimone a mad u!!! U eat, sleep, bath and fuck Kimone! Everything u do Kimone is in it and she stay on ur mind! U cyan believe a likkle black girl wey nuh affi bleach or do er body can a beat u suh bad and a dat a mad u! Di mad fuck he, she and the ole lady suh he was garbage! He had no value! When Jason was out u talk it on live many time sey u single, suh dat mean u was a secret fuck to cause u couldn’t call call up him name suh or else u get black eye, but tru him gone now u a call call up di man name and a war ova him! Leave di bloodclaat gal alone and gi kill ur bloodclaat donkey self! U need some self esteem and self love!! Di man not coming out!! Unnu money and obeah could a long likkle more, di judge not letting him out, a straight a Jamaica him going and u cyan go there, nuh mata how much ID u have u cyan go Jamaica suh is a next man or gal ago start fuck him! U is such a man clown and a waste idiot gal!!!!!

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