Hide me ID pleaseeeeee, Aweh mi hear agwaan a Jamaica? how #LEONBAILEY the big baller at a party with his girlfriend, and me hear sehhh she catch him round a corna ah suck out SHENSEEA tongue, mi ra**. Mi think she an ROMEICH was a item🤔The big baller kick wehhh ROMEICH foot and score a goal pon SHENSEEA!!! Afterall ah she did sehh “if mi ah teck yu man , mi ah keep da” so let see if she end up with BAILEY…


  1. Oh Jesus…. Gal see har man a kiss next gal an nuh bruk 2 bakkle cross di 2 a dem face? A peer plastic cup deh a di pawty? Gal afta yuh see dat di whole party shudda clear n police come fi yuh yah fool…yuh nuh drink liquor? It neva buss inna yuh head. She nuh love fi har man? She too slight. Nuh stone neva outside? Foe yuh buss up dem bumbo an mek it come pan di news. Yuh too fool she fi tek yuh man.

  2. She is not pretty idc she look like a bird and old for a young girl.. she very contradicting too and nuff bad Shensea need to slow her roll her type of body gonna get big and explode and mine romeich two back everything with him small buddy self .. maybe she tired of sucking the lil stub

  3. Dah gyal ya tursty fi attention bad, shensea why you don’t guh link hit making machine Lady Saw fi a song inna di new year?.

  4. This don’t surprise mi as if u look under nearly every post she mek…..da balla AFFI comment unda it peepee cluck cluck….so this isn’t surprising

  5. Shen, a just the other day mi see you and you never look 2 bad, A wah happen why you looked so ole, but then again you genetically predisposed fi age quick. Slow you roll, love, relax and get so rest.

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