Sherliee dun talk !!!!! So all of unno Who decide say dem gonna charge she fi comin inna unno party ! Y’all need fi think again ! Sherliee nah take no disrespect from no one . Talk the things sherliee DWLLLLL my God mi laugh till mi weak . Sherliee for the win , mi nah lie

Yanquie works at the dollar store for real N yes she been ah beg Sherliee for food stamps long time , sherliee has the messages in har phone . An yanquie want try style the gal and hype up on sherliee bout pay to come inna da party and show off your fake red bottom . Sherliee you are the best DWL !!!!! What mi want know is what kind of relationship Fire redz and yanquie have ?! Because all now him nah stop give her bun and him always on plane like sherliee say DWL ! Oh this is toooo funny Yoooo mi can’t

Yanquie & redz mi shame for unno , take cover quick ! DWLLLLLLLLL

4 thoughts on “SHERILEE GET SENSE NOW?

  1. To the bitch that agree with her probably don’t like the baby mother and atleast the Bitch work. Y’all got to much time on y’all hands sher! Why u didn’t open your mouth and tell her and him why u wait til u left the dance to have internet gangster to say something cause you is a real Pussy

  2. Vinni leave the girl alone !! You man seh you bruk and can’t buy no new Gucci leaves Yanique and her Gucci specials

  3. But it’s true what she’s saying . The girl nah pay fi go nowhere then ah beg the girl fi her food stamps fi dem to eat day and night ,Fire red & him dutty careless women try live this life style and know dem nah have it and want try charge the girl fi come in the party , no that’s not right they dun use her now dem don’t remember her no more . Uno to sucker fi ppl things and wan get mad mi nah wrong sherliee cuss out dem bloodclad sherliee

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