0 thoughts on “SHERLOCK………DI DIRT LOCKED

  1. These fools and needing to look different to outshine their dancehall comrades. Where is the drone airstrike when you need it.

  2. Ah really Sherlock dat? him look exactly like ah monkey an him set him face like when monkey ah luk if you going to throw a banana for him!!!

  3. Disgusting in the name of wanting to lead in the dancehall fashion world. FOOL, you look like an Idiot.

  4. Kmft damn idiot a have a mind call the army tell dem di ugliest no sense having Taliban a hide out in JA meck dem go fi him damn asshole

  5. Mercy Lawd. Yuh nuh see sey is a straight up Schizophrenic this we have on our hands. Mi not even a laugh. He needs mental eval.

  6. A wha dat mi juss look pan? And dem man yah seh dem a dachehall don? No star..dancehall gone straight to f**kery. Between the bleaching and the dress wearing and the general ridiculousness of these cartoon characters, wha leff fi respect inna dancehall?
    Real Talk 😡

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