Dear Met,

I’ve got a Dear fren who is a mother of a 10yo little girl.She asked my advice on something as it regards to a decision she’s gotta make.The teacher called her about a disturbing‎ drawing her little girl supposedly drew showing a woman with s**t coming out her bottom stooping in front a naked man with a huge dingalong.She confronted her child and the little girl explained the following.

When she went to stay by Aunties house her husband came out the shower with a loosely wrapped towel.Her little girl and his own 7yo Daughter saw his c**ky and he told them this is what he sticks in auntie “so n so” bum!He then proceeded to invite them in his room and gave them lotion to rub on his back and legs.My fren linked her sister and her responce was nothing untoward happened because HE DIDNT touch her daughter. It is the same as putting on sun tan lotion at the beach she further argued.

I told my fren what he Did was so wrong and is classified as grooming.Obviously if a grown man let a child touch his penis that’s a crime it makes no Difference if He touched the child.Going the school route is way to much attention,she may even lose her little girl as an unfit mother if they make that ruling‎.The next side of the coin is the cops and I think she has enough but it will destroy several family’s lives. The main option under consideration is to get counseling for the little girls and quietly deal with that f****ing Pedo. Honestly Met that’s the advice I feel like giving her,what do you think about all that??


  1. This is very disturbing on many many levels! No man that man’s mentality needs to be evaluated! Can u imagine the control he has over that woman he lives with?? Smh this why so many kids are being sexually molested for the mothers has no voice watsoever or they turn a blind eye smfrh!#Castration

  2. Grooming is EXACTLY what he’s doing! He has a sinister ulterior motive! Damn predator! That was obviously step1. That sista want a gun but!

  3. Police need to be involved. No child should be touching any adult private part he is a pervert that needs to be stop. He probably did this before. Sick f**k.

    1. He is indeed sick but they Didn’t touch his private part.They saying because they only lotion his back and legs that nothing sexual happen.My point though is the fact that he is naked save a towel is deeply disturbing.

  4. Hold up! All that you’ve written don’t come to explaining the picture. Not even Sigmund Freud would relate that story to the highly perverse drawing you describe.

    A 10 year old wouldn’t use the word ‘loosely’

    1. Some a you bloggers really makes me wonder if when people send in their story if you read it properly. Yes a 10yr old can use the word loosely, and what if the sender is trying to convey the message to us grown folks and use that word so we can understand what happened. What else the sender needs to write to explain the situation better?

      1. What most of you need to do is read, reread and reread. This story don’t mek no damn sense. And if you’re the start one thing and deviated to something else…the picture and story don’t mesh.

        I highly doubt the man say anything bout push hood in aunty ass. And If a say him say it then how the long hood and woman a defecate come to the child’s creative mind?

        Better sender say the child witness the act. Such a graphic picture by a 10 year old requires more than wha sender a talk bout.

        All of the school guidance resources should have been employed and Dcf get involve. This is no one time exposure. Some visual involve either at aunty or mother house.

        No 10 year old nah use the word ‘loosely’ in describing how uncle towel set. Kids dont give two shit bout vocabulary when telling something of such nature. Sender fi tell it how he/she hear it no add or tek way.

        1. U r not entirely wrong, but i agree with what the blogger says, the sender used the term “loosely” for us the mature audience to create a vivid picture as to what took place.

        2. When I saw your comment I went back and read the story…. the sender wrote ‘this is what he sticks into aunty “so and so’s” BUM…….

          I gather that what she was saying was that aunty ‘so and so’ is the aunt’s name and that he sticks his dingalong into her ‘Bottom’…… which certainly explains the drawing

          To a 10year old who hasn’t been exposed, it’s shyt that comes out of the bottom

  5. What is disturbing to ME as a female is the Aunt that says nothing is wrong with what her Dirty man did. I am telling you, These low life-low self esteem females that pick up these men with psychological issues and are blinded by their di*ks is beyond me, and the poor kids that suffer from these mental derange adults because of their selfish reasons, Both the Aunt and the Dirty man needs to be in jail. Wicked.

  6. I would say tell the father, but then the poor child might actually end up fatherless….. so straight to the police!

    Damn ole pervert!

  7. Where this happen Jamaica?? Bcuz if it’s the US that kid would not gone home social service would have being call…if it Jamaica get the police involved..

  8. Some a Dem man yah u si cannot be trusted…a same suh one a Mi nail tech tell Mi seh her daughter who was 12 at the time was home with her stepfather which is her husband, and she tell her mother how him come out a di shower and as soon as him reach her bedroom him drop him towel. When she confronts him he didn’t deny it him seh yes it’s true but the towel wasn’t tight enough. “Oh really” that moddaf**ka would have to leave mi house or mi an Mi one Pitney gone. Some a Dem man too dutty an nasty.

  9. Next time ano just lotion and rub up… glad di child talk doe that’s good. when u don’t speak up right away it goes futher.

  10. This is a case (at face value) of SEXUAL TOUCHING not GROOMING and is a sexual offence against a minor which MUST be reported. The Child Care and Protection Act of Jamaica provides that it is MANDATORY for parents and citizens to inform the relevant authorities of KNOWN or SUSPECTED cases of sexual abuse. In the instant case as reported by the blogger this definitely fits the criterion of a SUSPECTED case which is why the mother confronted the aunt to begin with. Further, if in fact the teacher was disturbed by the drawing and suspicious she too should have made a follow up inquiry with the mother and if she was not satisfied she has a DUTY to report the matter to the relevant authorities. Teachers, nurses, doctors etc. have an even greater reporting burden than the average citizen and may be found liable for failure to make the necessary report of any known or suspected case of sexual offence against a minor.

    The offence of Sexual touching as defined by the SOA of Jamaica is where an adult for SEXUAL PURPOSES does an act of touching whether directly or indirectly with any part of his/her body or with an object any part of the body of a child.

    Sexual touching is also an act of INVITING, COUNSELLING or INCITING a child to touch, whether directly or indirectly with a part of the body or with an object the body of any person (adult or child) for sexual purposes.

    The Act postulates that an act is done for sexual purposes if A REASONABLE PERSON would consider
    a) the circumstances or the persons purpose in relation to the act is of a sexual nature.
    b) that because of the nature of the act and because of the circumstances or purpose of any person in relation to it ( or both) it is sexual.

    In the instant scenario, based on the circumstances in relation to the drawings and the child’s subsequent response to her mom after being questioned about said drawings it is not unreasonable for one to think there is a suspicious case of child abuse. The responses alone by fellow bloggers is indicative that any reasonable person having heard the situation would be suspicious of the uncles’ motive and suspect abuse. Being suspicious is sufficient for a report to be made to the authorities, in fact such a report is MANDATORY.

    The uncle clearly invited the kids to lotion his body arguably for a sexual purpose which makes it an offence. It may be defined as “for a sexual purpose” by looking at the surrounding circumstances whereby the uncle firstly told the children of his sexual exploits with their aunt and mom, following which he invited them to touch him by rubbing lotion onto his body. Thus even if the nature of the act itself is not sexual as argued by the aunt when confronted, the law does not require that the nature of the act must be sexual, all it requires is that the circumstances or the persons’ purpose in relation to the act is of a sexual nature. A discussion on sexual prowess whilst exposing the children to his “tool” used in sexual activities and then inviting the children to rub lotion onto his body are clear circumstances which are sexual in nature.

    Friend tell your friend to do the right thing that is IN THE BEST INTEREST of her child and report the matter to the police. The child’s best interest MUST be the first priority. She may lose friends and family in the short term but she just might save her daughter and many more daughters in the long term. That man is a predator and he will always be looking for a prey.

    All the best.

  11. Counsel what child an left it as that? The mother of the 10yo need a beating. 911 and ER a the first two step she should have done. Who give a fu.k if other family don’t stand with me… I tell u this much. If I was the child and I told my Mom that and she didn’t get him locked away or some kind of jail time. I would resent her later in life. Things like this u don’t just swipe under the carpet. Cause he’s going to do it to others. Worst if he know he got away with it before.

  12. Reading this takes me back to a situation that happened to me when I was 8/9. Aunt was pregnant that year and I believe if memory serves me right that my mother had to follow my Aunt to baby stuff or something like that. So me and my little brother stay with my aunts husband and son (my cousin who was the same age as my brother 5/6) they were playing outside and after awhile I got tried and decided to go inside to TV. People I was in the living and my aunt’s husband came to watch tv when he had a TV in his bedroom, he changed the channel and on a movie with a pregnant woman and made references to my Aunt and how she got pregnant, he told to sit on his lap I didn’t want to but reassure that it fine. While I was sitting on his lap I felt extremely uncomfortable and feel private parts rubbing against me and he started to make body movement I got up and when to sit on a chair and he ask why I got up. He started to talk to me about the movie again which was loaded with sex so I kinda took my little time to go back outside to play with my brother and cousin. I didn’t tell my mother or aunt and I only my friend that I was saw him being to friendly with. These things happen all the my situation was 2001 but it exists even today so I do believe the sender.

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