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  1. A WONDAH IF AH Tia or Dainty or Kelly she ah talk.. Mi kno Manieka no like di mafia dem. But har bestie Veechie always a link wid Kelly same way.. Mi cah badda wid di Showttyime dem you know, cause di whole crew chat up to dem one anada enemy. From ah gal no like mi fren she no like me. Loyalty ova hype mi seh.. Ah same so mi heart nearly drop out whebn mi see Veechie and Shana go out fi Bday diner. Really? Dem was warring not even6 months earlier over a few man weh dem was shaing and now we breaking bread__________________________. Go and be ur own best fren chile.
    :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Agree…….shake u han fi dat deh comment deh :salaman . If my fren ah war wid ah gyal, or nah feel or pree ah gyal, me nuh expec ar fi ah skin teet wid da same people who me kno, dem nuh like har and vice a versa, hypocrite ting dat. Den again u av some fool, fool ones’ who will luk a hype for the sake of having frenemy and to be in the mix…..dem fi gwey!!!

      Dats y me nuh keep nu gyal fi nuh fren!!!!

      Good day jmg, met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all, bless up.

      1. Londy, as mi granny use to seh….play fool fe ketch wise…as if you really give two assss cheeks that they don’t like you :ngakak

  2. Who invent putting on a fake mole Doh??? Unuh need fi pick a cause fi war bout like how to find a better job, like how mi fi stop pay extra tax cause unuh keep breeding fi ppl man and a mi affi fi pay fi unuh mistakes. How unuh rent a $30 cause a section 8 while mines and $900.
    How unuh live ina party while mi a work hard fi a better life. Unuh fi gweh and deport unuh self cause unu meck me shame fi be Jamaican. Koodos to Veachy who finally held down a job for more than 6 months but unuh fi do better. Is ppl like unuh see mi comfortable ina me jeans and dutty sneakers and come a chat bout me mashup and me need some clothes. Rotfl if unuh eva know adi same thing me sah when me see unun ina di cheap boutique clothes dem every night. Maine Showtime is di only one out a unuh mi rate cause she stay ina har bizness lane and doh fake di funk.


    1. Listen munchy when u ago talk bout ppl this and ppl that start with u big ole sista veachy she a one of Philly biggest hoe so top it

    2. My girl him nice looking yes but after some man lay down with some gal u nuh wah lay down behind some gal. Nasty

    3. stay away from max dont trust those Montserrat men fake ass jamaica. You ever hear him talk sound like he got a mouth stuffed with food.

  4. Good afternoon Met, Metters I just couldn’t read anymore with all the errors on the spelling……carey->carry……i was alway told……really?…… before posting any msgs on any social media always proof read your dialogue it will make the reading so much easier

    1. Memeba when you dig a hole dig two because you made a mistake also>>> “alway” should’ve been “always” in that sentence love

  5. Veachy an Shana start f**k now that’s why there besty all of a sudden. Shana stop put on a front cause kid woman still ago beat yuh when seh si yuh. Stop calm di man phone when him home wid him woman. Guh draw back fi brick pocket Jigga lol.

    1. what do you mean Veachy and Shana start f**kkk? As in two pot cova ah beat? Carpet vacuuming? Two clitoris?? Maybe I am a bit slow, but I refuse to accept and understand how and why two women find pleasure in fandangling one another..

  6. mi no see wah pan Max look good..everyday Munchy deh pan fb a chat bout di gal dem weh a frig max an a she an har dawta him a mine..kmt…me no know a wah do dem

  7. Long time shana been a suck gal pussy fi all a Philly man dem weh she clean up. Bare 3some she a giv kid. And di gyal still a fux jigga, cauzen seh him caah do ntn bout it caus a money talk inna shana hole

  8. At noisy 5:21 i did that purposely as in making a statement so there was no need for tbat statement about digging two hole i’m very much a great speller and I ALWAYS proof read any dialogue before posting thx you though next time i will keep it in mind

  9. Zuleka number one u don’t have a man number two I guess u pussy fail u long time cause u look like a drag qyeen f**k outa here

  10. Munchy u been looking decent these days,u nuh look dusty looking like one time…I have to thank u and u lickle sista fi nuh bleach and I see bleechy getting back her complexion as well.Maine still hard fi look pon,just ova all.A neva lie wen sumady pon yah years ago did seh she look like burnt bacon

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