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July 10, 2014
(BlackMediaScoop) This story has me in tears!
A Queens,NY mom made one of the sickest Facebook status updates ever, posting pictures of her dead baby’s corpse after smothering the helpless boy at bedtime, ­authorities said Tuesday.
Nicole “Nikki” Kelly uploaded an image of 11-month-old Kiam Felix Jr. lying in a white suit and tie with the caption “RIP Tinkabutt,” alongside a picture of his body in a hospital bed…
She also posted a rambling Facebook screed in which she admitted she failed to “protect” the boy…
“Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life,” Kelly wrote. “I feel horrible knowing he passed away Am his Mother I was supposed to protect him I know his spirit will always be around me . . .”
What Kelly didn’t say was that, according to officials, she had killed the boy Sunday by putting a sheet over his face as she tucked him into bed.
Kelly watched him struggle to breathe before callously leaving him alone to die. When she came back a half-hour later, she found him blue and unresponsive, said Queens DA Richard Brown. When the boy’s father, Kiam ­Felix Sr., arrived at the family’s Elmhurst home several hours later, he rushed the boy to Elmhurst Hospital.
“I could hear him yelling, ‘I’m not waiting for the f–king ambulance, he’s not breathing!’ ” a neighbor said.
Kelly — who recently complained online about Kiam becoming more difficult to manage — made her ghoulish post featuring the boy’s corpse on Monday.
After she was arrested several hours later, her Facebook feed ­exploded with outrage. In yet another post, she wrote, “its sadd that you had to passed away yesterday my life would never be the same without you Mommy would always love you Your Family miss you but you forever remain in our hearts.”
She also changed her profile picture before she was arrested to a shot of her cuddling her son. But earlier, she griped about the youngster becoming more active as he grew up.
“Omg I miss him being this small his new baby smell the way he would just stay were ever I put him Now hes very active dont know how to stay one place,” she whined on July 3.
The posthumous posts prompted a furious backlash from others on the social media site…
“Bitch shut up u never cared about ya son…..“ They better never let u out u f–king low life,” posted Natcole Dupree.
“How could you Murder your own son you will get everything Mark my word that’s coming to you, your going to burn you baby killer … you was never meant to be a mother I hate you, you evil bitch words just don’t explain how I feel about you right now,” wrote Venus Southerland.
When cops asked why she did it, she allegedly said, “I reached my breaking point, I didn’t want him anymore.”
Kelly was charged with second-degree murder and was undergoing a psych exam at Elmhurst Hospital. If convicted, she faces up to 25 years to life behind bars.
So sad.
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0 thoughts on “SICK AND SAD

  1. Morning metters….Mental sickness is real!!!, what I have notice is that mental illness is affecting alot of these young teenagers and the treatment they get is to give them medication that turn them into zombie’s alot of studies is not being done into mental health.
    Emotion mental, parental is needed in our young mothers, raising kids have many breaking point and sometimes there is no support from family or friends, sometimes people don’t know that there is support system out there. This is sad every week is something with young African American mothers.

  2. Some people are not not even mentally equip enough to take care of an animal, much less a human being. I hope this bitch rots in prison.

  3. Morning all…
    Bwoi when mi si dem yah tings yah, mi ask a million time why?, dem people shouldn’t mek u affi a question why wid God, but a human nature to do so. Mental illness is real, but some women/men just evil and dis gurl is just pure evil. Disyah creature yah wanted to be free to do har own ting suh mi nuh tink a mental illness, u nu si wah she seh? if dat was di case it woudah betta if she did wah di odah woman did di odah day and just left him off someweh weh someone can care for him the ways he is supposed to be cared for. Inna mi mind mi a tink di same tink as Venus Southerland seh up top, wouldah clean it up likkle bit pan papah dou, but innah mi head mi a tink di same ting. RIP little man, sorry for the Dad, mi know seh innah some wah im a blame imself and a look back and deh seh maybe this and maybe dat..hope im find some peace as well. Too bad no one caught on to dis gurls self absorbed behavior before the little angel lost his life. Prayers to the fam:))

  4. A mentally stable person wouldn’t do that. She needed help back then and she still needs help now. If she felt she couldn’t manage where was her family and friends to help her? Where was the child’s father when she needed help. I’m not saying she was right but sometimes people don’t get involved until it’s too late. When she complained he was too much that was a cry for help. I feel people are not involved and willing to help anymore. They rather stand by and watch someone destroy themself


      1. I’m not saying she shouldn’t pay the price for the crime. I’m just saying it could have been prevented. I’ve seen reports where the neighbor said she looked like she was struggling didn’t know which way was up. What I’m saying is society as a whole see stuff but fail to say or do anything until it’s too late. She typed on a social media it was too much for her and the aunt wrote back to bring him to her instead of going over there and see what’s going on? People who care make time to go and check on/ help people they care about.
        But like I said I’m not looking an excuse for her I just wish people were more helpful to other than themself.

  5. She could have been suffering from postpartum depression. Alot of African Americans will not step foot in a therapist office and seek the help they need. Social media is ruining society as we know it because everybody wants to be seeing.

  6. Di mount a violence happening towards children dese days unspeakable. Man and ooman a wipe out dem families, strangas a do fi dem evil. I have always said and will always maintain dat ppl fi truly search demself before dem decide fi bring life into dis world. If you know u nature violent, or you were a child of extreme abuse having a family may nuh be your calling, simple as dat. Know thyself and to thine own self be true!

  7. U know awhile my sister tell me bout it says it was the girls bday too or something. Mental illness is real! She won’t serve time they will relate it to post partum depression. A drs office is not the only cure for mental illness. It really takes a village to see the signs.

  8. Real Tear jerker (tears for d baby). Bwoy, imagine To die by the hands that were suppose to protect, nurture, care for and love u! Lord God, mi nuh know much bout mental illness still, but all if me sick inna my head and mad like shad mi nuh think that urge/voice inna my head (or whatever it is that causes them to do these things)could an stronger than d love of a mother, all if a voice inna mi head a seh kill ur child, I think somewhere deep down mi must would an have d strength fi resist, fi fight, fi over power such voices, there would be an internal war, cauz no power that be, couldnt mek mi kill my kids, all if dem pupa run weh left wi, all if mi nuh have nothing fi gi dem, and all d stress inna d world mi nah dare harm my kids. Lady if yuh feel like yuh never want him nuh more, y yuh never called his dad, guh gi yuh neighbour, a church, leave him on someone’s doorstep………… D love alone weh mi have fi my kids gi mi d strength fi overcome anything, all mental illness would be no match to d love of a mother. She cant use mental illness as no excuse, I’ve seen women who are mentally ill her in JA who care for their kids even better than some mothers of sound mind. How she know fi kill d baby cauz she dont want d baby anymore??? D same way she choose to kill her baby she could choose to give him to someone who could care for him, but they always choose d easy wrong over the hard right! She had a choice between right n wrong, good n evil, life and death, and she made her choice, now she must suffer d consequence of her choice, mentally ill or not! Dis woman is pure evil!

  9. When I read this online I was overwhelmed with anger, all I could do was ask God why he allowed a woman like this to conceive

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