1. If you want a belly full of aids continue with the relationship. You know you should move on so go ahead

  2. Men kno from one day or two days about that STD especially gonorrhea he knew he gave it to u got cleann calling u down is to see if u would say anything about it tryst me run fi yuh lifee it could ah worst HIV and u the sideas jahjah

  3. Men know when they’re infected especially with gonorrhea.. do not go back. Love yourself first. You know what you need to do.

  4. How yuh fi trust the man and a tek ya tek next gyal man❗️ Him a cheat pon him baby mada with you smh so how the hell you trust him listen to mi nuh ya tlk rubbish eno miss lady a could and aids you test fa eno but heart a seh something else lol hey becareful cause like you not even love your self eno!!! Find yuh own man and settle down nuh settle with no gyal man and breed fi them a the same rass thing them ago do you kmft

  5. Lmaoooooo u trust the man that’s cheating on his woman with you. The man who a LIE to him baby mom go be honest wid you a random pum pum outta road. U stupid slow. A man u need suh? Guh order one on Amazon or sumn man.

  6. You’re not his only side chick and he is not a faithful man in the first place. Thank God is only gonorrhea him gave you and not AIDS. Get a man for yourself dear and use a condom every time, trust no one with your secrets not even your friends, because a lot of them are fake like goods made in China. Trust only God and Him will bring you to de right persons or bring the right persons to you

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