Sidonie McLeod, 28, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, faces the following charges: Distribution of Cocaine and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $250,000.
Sidonie McLeod, 28, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, faces the following charges: Distribution of Cocaine and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $250,000.

Sidonie McLeod, one of the person’s convicted in ”Flippa Mafia’s Operation Air ”,is up for parole next month. McLeod was convicted of conspiracy to distribute drugs after she was caught delivering over 2 pounds of the illegal substance.

–This e-mail is to inform you that SIDONIE MCLEOD, with SBI Number 000960019E, has a parole date set for 6/11/2015.—


  1. Yes daughter tell the plea and cut. If u know what I know you will return to Jamaica and tek the sham out of your eye and worry about your Pitney. While the rest of the dutty bungle case nuh gone to trial yet.

    1. Given that she was caught red handed with 2-lbs of coke and had multiple charges including money laundering, you have to ask why she is eligible for parole so soon. Obviously she will be a witness for the prosecution when the three main druggist goes on trial. She has good first hand knowledge/inside information about the entire operation.

      I doubt she will be going back to Jamaica if she testify against the those three. She would be killed within months of landing in Jamaica. She is coming out pretty good if they are able to reeling a big fish down the road.

  2. Tek the plea yes but I would fear the danger of my life because I don’t know who is watching me (flippa cronies)
    It sad sidonie n me not sorry fi yuh. Yuh deh a yuh good good job a zip, go Canada. Deh a Florida n find yuh way all out a Philly. Because a greed n red eye n hype. Yuh dawta needs u.
    Next thing me see the mafia ladies them a big up sidonie but never see them big up Marsha
    Is what Marsha do unno suh

    1. Really? Even though she was an active participant in a drug trade? Where is our moral compass? You need to stop putting up with f@ckery. She is lucky it was the police that was there to arrest her and not some other drug tief who would put a bullet to her head.

  3. Shes, very lucky she was able to get a, play and shes, up for parole so soon wow god mist be in her favor

  4. Based on her sentence and the fact she has been incarcerated for some time the parole is not surprising if parole is granted I hope she takes the opportunity to turn her life around

  5. That’s why me love work. I don’t have to worry about the thief or the police. I am to old for jail no no I can’t rub no time.I am sorry for them but the hype on drugs money not happening. So to the next leader of the organization keep kool and don’t hype.

  6. As far as di word on the street goes. Di mafia Ladies dem Grudge Marsha. Dem bex wid har cause she never run come dash out the riches gi dem once dem find out she she was going in . Marsha no ina dem either cause dem never help out wid har pickney when she did get lock up. Kelly shame on you cause when Flippa ina dance him no affi ask you fi wipe di sweat off ah him face you volunteer. Di pickni dem di a box bout cause Kelly Who no wah work couldn’t bother fi lend ah helping hand. when money di a run Kelly come een like rat weh love chees bout chu it slow now she star jess back. And Kelly was di main one weh throw Marsha ina sinking pit. Kellty mussi did hate Marsha under di quiet, cause it really shows once her back was against the wall. Unuh no notice how stress a Kill Kelly fi di last 2 years. She need fi stay outa di gambling house and go look a werk.

    Kayann you as di next one after Marsha treat you like fi har Pickni and you forsake your cousin dem just like Kelly. Member seh you no reach no weh ina Merikka and you have 2 pickni now. Unuh no fi throw stone behind unuh. Di whole family a unuh use Marsha and she walk pon fire fi meck unuh be somebody in addition to be a genuine fren . I’m sur e she has lewearnt her lesson that is why she stay far from unuh and continue to treat unh like di snakes unuh is. Unh and all a Flippa woman was bess frens while unh a laugh ina Marsha face. Me live fi see unh ah choke pon bunn more than Marsha . Unuh judgement no reach yet so unh gwan kool wicked set of hogshits.. unuh love runn een pan fren chu dem put 2 piece a name brand together unh wah be ppl fren. . Unuh fi change unuh name from mafia ladies to NoN ambition ladies.

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