Smh So this undercover battyman wey call himself richkid mi never know seh a so him carry news to man like a gyal fi wear old bruck…..people look yah unu see richkid Ina drew shorts right yah suh ppl bout him name richkid bruk blo****t kid goat him name a carry news to drew pon Michelle and how drew fi go fine a real b*tch a guess brokekid is the real b*tch tbhat drew should fine cause him a carry b************ot feelings like girl and a try stop the gyal thing fi bottles go pon tables and drew pupina clothes dem,,mi hear seh a drew sponsor him a negril room clothes and pay fi party entrance with him broke self bout him name richkid bruk like bl****t dog!!!!!

pure stone and bottle richkid get a dream weekend man deh a seh him a battyman and a stone him and him a seh a the same bwoy wey him ketch a f**** marvin from mobay a call him richkid battyman, yeah dem wet him up a negril an remind him say him a batty boy and him silent a long after him a explain say a tru him ketch one a the boy a f**k dancer Marvin from mobay that’s y the boy wa tun round things pon him…all drew him Michelle should a sh*t and p*ss ina yuh bl*******t mouth cause yuh come a ja a gwaaan like yuh top a top pon Nutting and wah run up inna hype and a get flap Michelle never dash yuh out good out a house she should make yuh get yuh ass bun yuh before yuh bl*********t cut big p**y drew!!yuh act like a you buss the gyal are a you a hype her yuh stink nuh rass. Dutty nasty richkid wa walk and suck p*** like dog and suck out every gal wa him think have money tongue ina dance, boy need fi go look work an stop brag pon him bmada car an house… Boy batty a burn boy love likes boy barrow clothes like any b*tch. Have on drew short and bag lmao


  1. Gm Met & Metters,

    How dem fi style di Richkid when mi see him a boast on the gram about his nice clean apartment that he bought like a month ago sender ?
    Mi just want to fass and inquire as to how him pay fi that considering I never see him going to a 9-5, nor is he an established businessman.
    Congratulation nevertheless Sir a nuff a dem nuh have Zinc fi show as accomplishment, while parading in the dance hall arena (lol).

  2. this girl is such a wicked girl. because Kid help out drew after u put him out n get him arrested, you a try damage the man character. but that’s why some ppl you leave them alone. drew and this lady have been doing this shit for awhile and then when ppl try help without knowing a suh the two a dem love attention, she target them.

    how u nuh talk how u carry man a Kid yard fi shoot him babymother and children thru him tell drew gwan back a nyc wid him daughter?

    but u miss michelle is a wicked girl that will get your karma in due time

  3. Richkid suck yuh mada yuh don’t have good to say in people relationship don’t say bloodclut Nutting battyman..yuh know how far dem a come from are what dem go through who is you just two week drew know yuh fa and yuh inna him bag clothes and relationship bout bwoy need a better bitch seems like you is the better bitch fa drew…suck pussy kid yuh run all a station with mi friend name like a punk yuh bad and hype police shouldn’t get involved and yuh bad so Michelle should a run her car on yuh bloodclut and kill yuh batty face suck yuh mada broke kid

  4. After yuh go inna the gal life mash up she and her man and her car yuh talk bout gun man and family yuh bloodclut face should a buss battybwoy….yuh talk seh yuh lick her car so that’s why gunman get involved pussy face broke kid gal should a make yuh get a chop ina yuh dutty pussyhole face who’s is you fi tell drew whp him wah from who him nuh wah thur you want old bruck clothes and bottles pon table….yuh done mick and Ricky dem like dog how dem hate and badmind yuh for what yuh ugly old baby mother things dem battyman cause man a f**k yuh inuh Michelle sorry yuh never let this pussy face have chop in it,,,cause a yuh food him a try stop fi him get it as the bitch

  5. ven always tek battyman always ntn new…all ven duh is live fi hype …stay on IG looking the young thots them bout bae lmfao…ven like gyal n her man dem like man EVEN STEVEN

  6. Michelle you need to stop this you’re doing it for far too long what kid have done to you? the only thing he did was to help your man in his time of need girl I pray for you because your end is gonna be bitter you can’t keep doing people like this you’re evil and with that black heart of yours you’re going nowhere you see how you look is for a reason & you should no if your man didn’t call for help kid wouldn’t reach out to him and you’re nowhere on kid’s level so stop sending stories because you want attention you bum ass bitch has your man would call you

  7. Michelle this is your work wicked ugly you and battyman Drusilla /drew because even if kid write him how on earth would you no that ?????? You and your man need to go under a bus and kill uno self’s you two or too mixup for the streets and is only you want a man like drew who class you & put you down in front of the word for attention kid I don’t know what you got yourself into because your always with your kids or busy f****g some badass bitches how did it went from that to this go back to the old you we love seeing you with your family don’t let Michelle the devil set up your life because she’s the spitting image of the devil that ugly Deformed girl need Jesus

  8. Kid a run in cause him want Drew old bruck dem, kid tired a him china made things him a look italy brand.. Is Drew bruck why him cah reach back a foreign wid him pitney all now… Shitty batty Andrew Lewis wah di scamming money dun, u itch up a Diego yard yuh cah go rent a place fi you n yuh pitney.. Yuh have yu pitney all over wid random people careless boy.. A suh di scammer dem hype till when dem whole dem.. Biggest mahma man wah come from foreign..

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