8 thoughts on “SIR DI GIRL MONEY

  1. ladies dont give what you cannot afford to loose!! if “you friend” gi him di money while him a dig-out her belly bottom then, dat deh “loan” nah pay back. *red flag* if di man hafi a beg beg every minute lef him then and there!!

  2. You and your friend come and take it Your friend never told you that she want to sleep with me for a pair of shoes and I told her no Did she tell you that

    1. What kind of shoes?
      Just trying to get a feel for the story…
      Were you and her dating?
      What you have against punctuation marks?
      Is you that in the photos?
      What is that purple string around your neck? did you win an award?
      Is that her flower flower bag beside you?

  3. Omari you are a tief from longtime yah walk an tief ppl, all the nigga them round baychester side who use to deal did yuh, down to th nigga them Gucci belt and clothes them yuh use to tief from them crib the nigga them talk bout it. Yuh gwan like yuh have money when yuh bruck like dog, all you do is live off a woman and chat every gal yuh f**k uptown Bronx. Omari you is nobody, the last time I checked you had a video getting batize on your page thought you had baptized and change over your life so how yuh still a thief from ppl lmao.

    1. It must be you and your brother clothes I took never Anyone who know me know that I’m always working Never broke Lol Bronx People know A Lot About me that I didn’t even know about myself

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