So met JayKrome aka ion balloon gone a Jamaica gone do radio interview wid him boring song dem dwl no sah this serious.
Was taking to a girl today who said she use to work with him a JFK. He got fired and locked up for thefing people things out of them suitcase then him deh a road a gwan like him a somebody old f** thief can beat how much a the people them clothes him use yo wear guh a party and gwan like a him buy it old waste thieving boy I don’t know what these Bronx and Brooklyn b*ches see in him bout him have 3 baby mother two sons one daughter plus another daughter on the way hope u stop thief and go look work boy



  1. Nasty sender a cocky feelings you bringing for jaykrome. Nuh work him a look Meck him choose to do music and him must a do something worthy Meck him get interview pon radio station you dumb whore. Badmind a kill yuh rass sender. Guh wash yuh sour punani. Jaykrome keep doing your thing. And everybody have a pass so even if him use to thief and get fired him turn a new chapter and a try something new so why yuh Meck it a bother yuh .him sure didn’t steal anything from you because a pure old bruck yuh have old dead. Sender yuh soon get lock up fi selling yuh big pussy.sender jaykrome don’t want yuh Suh just teck yuh f..k and duck and guh hide yuh ugly face envious bitch.

  2. Bitch u know nothing about JayKrome
    He working two job plus doing his music cuz that is dream. Wheel and come again plz cuz a bare f**y u a talk kmt

  3. Sender you are so sad why you staying on the nigga IG page and everything he post you sending it to pink wall ehh. So what if him have 3 baby mother you just mad cuz u never get pick as one. All them four kids will be well taking care of cuz Jaykrome work for his own so his kids cyah hungry.

  4. Yes sender yuh right his use to work a JFK fi true not sure why he’s not working there again tho, but he is working saw him last week as the gas station in his work clothes. As for his music I like little shorts can move to that inna party. Lowe the youth man him a try a thing

  5. Yes JayTee a thief from him use to par wid GQ Dwight, and him love beg f**k yuh see always want gyal pussy pic. And him chat woman too much him a look friend and a bare style him style up him baby mother dem. A two baby mother alone him have nuh know bout nuh 3 a guh mek mi friend ask him lata

  6. Swag Jaytee Now JayKrome thief clothes with GQ Dwight fi hype pan poor people working hard for there own so I believe the airport shit cuz everyday him use to post up working at the airport then him stop so something guh wrong fi true well if him get lock up fi thief maybe it wasn’t for long cud he been partying same way a true British bling stop pare wid him now u don’t see him a road like that anymore mostly sea food Tuesday alone

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