1. It stink a road say him a battyman.. I hear say all the house him live inna is him man house and man always a buy him expensive gifts and such. Me see him already with the NCB Bank manager who everybody know a battyman..

  2. Y’all think she don’t know his story smh ,she’s fool to him but that’s her fault…but his gay for real that a big whore idk why these young girls put their self with these men smh her name shouldn’t ave been mixs there

  3. A good mix up dis eno. Suh di person a tape a ur man? Yuh strang doe fi see him walk wid next gal An still hold di camera. You are brave!
    An a bman wow!

  4. This nuh prove nutten! Gyalist101 this a easy talk over,just a spot of bother if a really ur woman’s car fi true.Again them no ketch u a do nutten more than offering a ride to a Damsel in Distress.

  5. Datz all unu bottom a di barrel crosses people good fah. Luv jump pon f**ry rumour and cyaa betta unu life. Devarie a f**k unu?? Go suck unu mumma. Di man work f***n hard fi every thing him have inna one honest and proper job. Nuff a unu haffi a suck hood fi and tun city mattress fi nyam and wear clothes.
    A betta unu go look a work and lowe out people. Badmind nuh pussyclaat.
    A tru Shai_trendii a celebrity mek unu cyaa Lowe out her name and her man. Any man Inna dem right mind cya look pon she and luv batty. Look how she stay good.

    Listen a betta unu go dead a bush.

    1. A di sender alone a fass wid di girl…but a years now (from peter king days that this brown boy name a call pon batty runnings). So don just gwaan like seh a now him name a call pon dem suptn deh. A who coulda hate him suh fi a slander him suh (fi a good 10+ years)!?

  6. Man still ah look gal inna di bushes of St Thomas? No sah mi nuh waan no gal fi obeah mi! Dem gal dey nuh hitch to do dem ting dey in dem likkle obeah parish dem.

  7. This bitch no have nothing to do with her life …wtf,you left from where you at just fi come video the nigga.. You a f**g stalker you sound like a the f**k you miss cause.. All if him a f**k batty is it yours why the f**k you a trail young gal need if go invest in a some education.

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