Hi met run this dude file him name legend from New York everyday him deh pon social media ah post up him kids dem with him fake happy life but he has other kids out there i never seen him post.


  1. sender I’m sure you’re the mother of one of these other kids, why else would you be watching and envious of him posting his kids? Does he even acknowledge the other kids? Have you tried appealing directly to him in a private message? I’m sure there is a reason why he post some and not all his kids and I’m sure you know more about that than us, so what is the point of your post? If you don’t like seeing the man post his kids, stop watching. simple.

  2. Wat possible reason could a man have not to post all his kids? U taking up for a nigga that makes xcuses not to b apart of his kids life!!! Remember same knife weh cut sheep cut goat!! Wat u f**king him? Ur kids gonna b in line nxt!!!!

  3. @anonymous 12:16pm Bitch you sound like one of those bitter bitches that’s down with a nigga not acknowledging or taking care of his children you basically making it sound like it’s ok what he’s doing..laugh now cry later

  4. This is a site where we all could voice our opinion. So me go voice mine so an unnuh can say me a baby mother to I don’t care . I coulda Neva live with my man an he has kids out there and I don’t encourage him to take care of his children especially when they were there before mine , and what reason a man could have to make him avoid the well being of his under age child , u run come a defend Man .U up top there …

  5. Anonymous 12:16 shame on you mama. 50% of his DNA are in those children. There is no excuse why a Father should not show Love to all his children equally, not even hating the woman who conceive them is a good excuse. It will never changed the fact that their is another fatherless child out there longing for the love & attention of a man who’s probably in a relationship with a heartless bitch like you who condone this type of behavior because he’s with an insecure woman who encourage his worthless behavior. Shame on him and ALL the other deadbeat father roaming the face of this earth. And all the bitches who support this type of shit, karma is a M.F. It may not happen to you but it may happen to your children or your children-childrens.

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