Jargo question!!! You nuh notice the propa woman Yuh have beside a Yuh? If not yah one big fool 😒 a the Lil p**y pic them wey yah show wey chin Chilla send u tun u Inna fool mek u send her money fi help keep her last party wey gwan and to my understanding she was to send u back a change and she tell u how much them rob her bar lmaooooo yah one big fool Yuh nuh see a trick chin trick u she Neva did ago send u back a dallor and me nuh blame her but I blame u how u fi men them dancehall f**k box yah have nothing over Sasha yah clown dog?


Right now chin and kadian swizzlebody Inna vybz over ding ding c*cky and ding a just one out a the many man wey a f**k her Inna dancehall cause the man them a talk like them mouth a vomit!!!! Chin a everybody sumn everybody get a hit n run all her poor baby father him a the next one Eva a lef him car give her when him gone a farin n is the same car she use go check her man them n drive them up Inna and mek everybody a laugh at the man big luuu thing star

14 thoughts on “SIR YUH GET TRICK SIR

  1. I don’t blame her for taking his money, he has a nice looking woman standing next to him for him to be dealing with someone he might never say unless he go down to JA, so why waste your funds on that but it looks like all him like is brown woman dem so that and whatever else she’s doing got him going crazy… A man will always go out there and test the waters but never leave what he got at home and then he thinks that’s ok because he is taking care of home, no it’s not ok… A woman always have to be careful of what her man is bringing home to you especially if his not wrapping it up! Men get too comfortable with the matey and then they stop wear condom that shit is bull…

  2. Sender u hungry and d owner fi d site u carless bad get unuh facts str88 d gyal have her rass money unuh broke n hungry a behind wall unuh can chat hmft come again

  3. Careless People Behind D Walls Bad Gal.. Unu Lou D Gal Alone How Unu Wicked So Adi Only Gal Mi Si Weh Mi Always Admire D Gal Roll Like a G Mi Never Hear Nobody A Talk Bad Bout R Yet Only Some Badmind Gal Weh Nuh Like Si People A Do Better Dan Dem A Bear Man Mi Si Shi Roll With So Y Hating On D Lil Gal Unu Fi Stop Damm Man,

  4. Hey wen uno a tlk bout top f**t inna dhall go look fi shay shay presidential,she f**k like f**k a com outta style she move from f***g man to gal now she lef tibz an a Naviesha av r up good good now a pure shade she a dash pon tibz pon snapp poor tibz u nuh see wa nite at biscute RR a tibz alone go an a Ms.Presidential an Nav a par good up poor tibz like a lil bby inna di party cos u know tibz nuh shine unless she an shay a fren tibz look all mash up di nite….but dem shoulda know shay cah tame cos she nuh keep fren fi long an she chat ppl like dog a wa day she an di Fat red 1weh use to par @it an she dash out some file pon ig one piece a something ….

  5. The girl don’t need to beg Nuh bwoy nun money cause r man mine r plus d gal work Shi Nuh need make up fi keep party Unu bright n bad thou bout Shi have money fi man n dem did ROB d gal BAR Dutty Sender Know Yuh Facts Be4 You Post….

  6. Chinchilla a long time f**a gyal from CD fantasy days….she live a Waterhouse n she clean up down there…she is a secret pussy seller..poor baby fadda….shay shsy n chin usually fuk, Neva c a gyal fi ten lick so wimpy could a beat har my lord….chinchilla have money… Dingdong she a fuk no girl what is wrong with u

  7. But look yah so Ofter ding don’t want kadian from him lef r Shi mash up n hard fi look pon Ina r old colthes dem she n r cousin, don’t even talk about d friend dem, colthes less dem fi name.. who f*k out like dem bear hide n f**k dem do, I Never Know Kadian n chin never talk make Unu wicked so Unu a Gwen like Ding A Somebody, Sender mi nah lie mi would war yuh fi da Lil gal deh weh name Chilla mi never si r hear r Ina mix up yet r man problems n mi kno fi sure adi gal car Unu to nuff .

  8. Unu ever si d gal a back road ? No.. D Gal Name High A Water House Go Down Der Go Ask Bout R EveryBody Rate D Gal Ana Duhney Park Me Kno The Gal Live, Poor Baby Father What? Think D Gal A Dis R Man Fi Nuh Fool..

  9. Sender what’s your point still can’t see it cause u a talk like the Gyal put a gun a him head Fi the money me Nuh wrong Har Nuh give him back a Bloodclart, chin chilla a nice Gyal Badmind is a thing Unno a worry who and who the chile a f**k who a f**k Unno ???

  10. Smh… These two bitch… Unfortunately need fi go sit dun now mon, unto crew dun dance hall…

    Uno a vintage old crew

    Ding song nuh was nobody Uno fool Uno a mek ding dong f**k Uno out all a Dem a freakkkkkkkkkkk… Cause I know Dem ding dong mouth left about…

  11. But y people a gwan like sash a good good gal? Sash Ave har man a ja….jaro walk and send gal money a yard like.. remember when dem say him did a send dolly go a western union? This man clearly always ina money argument wid gal….sah stop f**k on the man and him will stop send the money dem hahaha

  12. Jaro ugly and stay bad eeh…gal glown dat.. f**r a use the scamming and drugs money buy gal.. him nuh ramp fi send di gal dem a ja money as dem send him a pussy pic… Jaro di time u a send gal money u and Sash go sort out unno self.. unno f**k if Donald trump win..Sash yuh stomach strong bad fi even look at Jaro much less f**k and suck him hood.. Yuck.. Vomits…..Sash aint no good gal please Sash have har man a NY so Jaro a ediot if him think Sash want him.. Sash just a live offa him she soon cut leff him…Sash is a big poppyshow mek money mek she run off and come pon boat from Bahamas come a foreign illegally.. Go buy yuhself some papers.. Unno sad like

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