Met goodmorning
This big head man face man body man foot gal camesha why she dont stop trouble people

Every f***n time this b*tch come to jamaica she look a different person to inna war with over f***n scalawah weh have him fiance n him not looking at mesha

She needs to get her acts together she all throwing wud on the gal who took her place lol

Who dnt f**k camesha is who dont want to f**k her..i have knwn her since our younger years wen she used to married to lacewigs she aaaaaalways stay bad she n her donald trump sister both of them dont make one seriously she needs to stop it..n for a girl who claims she is traveling since shez a child why the hell does she have to look so dirty n scrawney?? She needs to quit hyping because she dont even have no followers smh..

She keeps running down scalawah and lloyd hates her like a f***n poison..who he doesnt f**k is who he doesnt want to f**k! Mesha needs to face the reality that him get too used to her mouth n her hole been done from 2011.. smh she is soooooo outdated n she doesnt live anywhere abroad..i knw her am tellin u..mesha stop trouble people the girl weh work at upt mondays dont want scalawah n hes running behind her because the girl shape n look good..u keep saying the girl is old but u continuously fitiguing the girl..jus wait u penis-shaped face girl ur business is gonna be fixed n that short girl who wears the synthetic hairs weh f**k down the whole a sherlock n expexted to be a part of sherlock got the shock of her life cause she nuh ready yet..she is so tacky..she shapegood yes but she needs to quit the f***y n give ig a break n shut the f**k up

23 thoughts on “SKALLAWA INA DI MIGGLE

  1. Gyal nuh look noo way! And di gyal surroundings a tell a different story than what u r telling! I hope the Meesha person sees this post, wait ur turn for your visa u soon start travel to! What is a sherlock tho?

  2. Wow I like Nadine she is mad cool and very humble, she always posting Scallwah as her friend on insta so I don’t know what is the issue between these two, but this is 2016 ppl still a fight ova community property!!!!

    Scallwah looks sick nuh f**k him get mawga and stay real bad so what is there for unnu t fight ova

  3. stumbled upon this post and had to “dwl” with my friend. That is skallawa bedroom, I know because he ate my ass out on that same bed. It was the best swipe of my life, his head game is strong.. That tongue went from pussy to ass simultaneously ! Dem time deh him did fatter. A long time him a try lose weight still and a bleach. Him crawny bad, me nuh know if a buss or a stretch mark, but him have some things on him belly that sent me up the wall. I was disgusted , but I enjoyed the swipe tho ..

  4. Met if me did kno di file mi wouldn’t guh deh, him tek me by surprise tho .. And di head game strong as f**k. But it was as I said THE BEST SWIPE A ME LIFE… Afta that me cut and Neva look back ..

  5. Woooooiiee the girl giving u all fever ,y u mentioning fighting I didn’t hear of a fight ?leave the girl alone she look good .i don’t know her personally but I know people who kno her,and she always look jus saying sender u sound like a case of f**k and duck.u young girls need to stop fight over these broke Mon. Unity is the key we are living in our last days.

  6. The sender sounds mad I’m no friend of none of them but I live in ja & I always go out and to tell u the truth I think the Mesha girl is quite the best lookin I’ve seen scallwa with she always look nice to me ijs wts the post for ?

  7. I can’t stand this man looking bitch she luv f**k with ppl for real ,but wait she gonna get her ass buss one of these day,,,and for scallwah that nigga is the best pussy eater I ever come across

  8. SMH all of y’all bitches coming on here & writing bullshit and talking about the girl dnt look good well she damn sure look good to mi everytime I see her.I smell some badmind here. yasss I kno her & she kl people,unu been hating on her because it usually burn y’all to see how scalawah have her up, any & everywhere with him like WTF that’s why unu nuh stop watch the girl every move let her fuc who she wants why is it ur problem.Mesha trouble maker no that’s how I kno it’s a jealous bitch sen in this u bitches r sorry get it together stop hating the girl for a man that’s gonna continue f****g her Foreva PS wt wife/ fiance mi kno unu not talking that girl who he recently started f***g lol poor souls

  9. @Trustme I’m looking at the girl pics wt part of her look like a man because me & u r seeing different things I Js came off of her ig page that’s her right Ms_neat25 she look good to me

  10. Wooooiiieee ketch dah licky out batty gal weh f**k out di whole a Rockfort and buy out every man weh she f**k fr Rockfort with Scallawah money

    She and a her sister is a hot mess plus germs… nobody no rate dem bcuz dem swipe and clean up every weh dem go with dem dirty pussy, stinkin mouth and paydown pon cocky


  11. That’s so tru the 2 sister a dem f**k down Rockfort and she measha f**k down the music fraternity too cause jahvinchi f**k her and carry her home then she go nanny ville go f**k dem a real old f**k truck and unu take a good look please cause she nuh cute at all she man body sister toya weh nuh stop f**k down Brooklyn and sofee alliance dem nuh Ave no good name and they meschieve maker love beg plane ticket big yard f**k out measha all them do a come up come shop a rainbow and go back down no job dem nuh ave and rock fort man dem nyam dem out A FACTS MI A TALK measha still a get fed by her father and notice her IG she always a fass with somebody THE UGLY DUCKLINGS

  12. @steph me and u not seeing the same thing at all cau am looking at a man dress in woman clothing,, I think u need to go see on option are u is just a hypocrite

  13. Stop lying on the girl is 1 man she tek a Rockfort was Di don police kill him him was bad bad man him dead right before me start see she & Scallawah unu to wicked @ honeyb ur another badminds bitch go suck ur big pussy mumma & go suck Mesha & har sista pussy nasty germs yuh.u mussi did deh deh a swipe wid dem wen dem a swipe a rockfort kmft unu vexx bad Di gal a maddd Di sender & har frens Mesha gal u have dem a way come write up Di tings dem and honey b please tell me wt other man from rockfort fuc mi fren cause a out deh mi come from & mi kno dem like dat & Di amount a man try fuc Mesha & can’t she anuh loose gal sumn mi know so honeyb move u stinking pussy & gweh

  14. @meseedatoh a u send in the girl pic.i know the two of the Sister an they stay with money ,they are always giving to everybody so if u want say Rockfort nyam Dem out then ur free to say that. I see it clearly now u all hate the girl Dem tru Dem always a do Dem I bet none of u can face Dem.the two Sister a Dem born in America. Dem have Dem big house a jamaica so they free to fly as they please.y it a Badda unu,a lie u a tell pon the girl Dem Mon. I see it clear now u guys hate the girl Dem for wat??? I never see Dem go out an trouble people yet,that’s how we start click Cuz the girl Dem article. Smh come better mon.chooo

  15. @badmind a kill.dem guh suck yuh mada big fat ugly bloodclaat gyal u n mesha mad nuh f** two sister a unu DELUSIONAL!!!!!!! like seriously two a unu siddun n a comment good tingz boe unuself like a ppl actually a say it GIH ONE BBC SIDE boe badmind gal..unu pay fi cocky like school fee..PAY FI F**K??UNU PAYYYYYYY FI F**K!!!!! Mesha tek f**k all inna r batty n she nyam fi u toya u nyam out di whole a sawfie cockyroot n battyhole germs


    Mesha stop comment up cause is not bippa cocky alone u suckoff a rockforth f***n toilet mouth mesha…..boe bippa cocky taste bitter gyal u nhaaaaaastyyyyyyy

  16. Sucking pussy is scallwah favorite yes yes I kno because anytime I’m ready he slurps this

  17. Lol this is to funny .but Met we need a pic of the mon, Sister an the fiance becuz all I see is one girl ,camesha weh fight ova Mon aguh.meshaeatsasslikeacupcake,dash it goods, look like u now her personally,so dat mean u have her file for camesha ur a nice looking girl ,don’t spoil urself over no man girl to much out Deh.

  18. Mi stomach upset a puuure anal a gwaan now? Unu sick mi, i cant come to grip seh we as Jamaicans a chat bout pure ass f**k and ass nyamings no man time change baaad! All this because unu gyal nuh waa wuck and unu eyes red! Damn nasty sets! And if a lie unu a tell on people unu tap it cuz it sounds nasty! Why harbour those nasty imaginations?

  19. They are all fabricated stories ,becuz of jealousy an envy .but me nah lie uno really Wicked an Badmind bad. Smh it’s a pity that u could enot someone so much that u make up stories a lies on people .shame on you.continue on tho .cuz memba karma .

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