0 thoughts on “SKAY DI SENDER SEH NO

  1. wah Skay seh? A only lipgloss she have on? That look like foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara…the whole damn works! Bitch stop lying! You look nice with your full face of make-up. You look basic/not pretty without it.

  2. That nasty bitch look stink … Bitch please I keep telling people idk who fool u bout u beat faces yuh damn right u beat up the people dem face and because dem cheap an can pay yuh cab fare or little sumin fi but box food dem support u .. Gurl bye!!!

  3. Dis nasty bitch ur pussy must no have no walls afta nico a no body show dem need fi hold u and give that ass a good American beaten cause u brite u no u ugly datts y u always need a man to walk wid u sad ass

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