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First, I would like to apologize to everyone who came out Saturday with the intention to have fun that was cut short by someone who doesn’t realize that that those behaviors were left in the 90s. People come out to have fun and enjoy a different setting. I see the same people at different venues abiding by all the rules (as simple as “No Leaning on the Wall) of those locations. Due to complaints at the prior location, I tried to improve it within the new place. If coming to Nifiji is not for absolute enjoyment, feel free to stay home! If you do come, you have to take your shoes off as part of the security check. Let us give thanks that our security, Eric, is out of the hospital and doing fine.

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Andrea Wilson-Green Cho! Dem pple deh!
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Lisa Douglas Bonner S**t like this is why I don’t party anymore …. Can’t be running up and down after going out to have a good time …. But Skilli Bangskeep doing what u doing .. GOD bless
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Tikki British Respect skilly them cyaaan stop a man from trying an every place av them rules kmt
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Kennette Raymond Yes….security….on lock….
Thx Skilli Bangs….I luv Nifijis vibe……lets not be ourselves, because of a few, we keep them out, to ponder why they are not in…..Blessings to us all…..
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Kareen Powell Real talk mi friend don’t come stay hm
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Trigga Halfkrazy Boom Yute! Progressive Yute muss survive
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Gwendolyn Wilson Listen this dem caa stop u ca a nu dem mek u real talk
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Alzie Henry Stand firm,hold your ground, rules are rules and we must obey or tan a yuh yard. Stand firm Skilli BangsSkilli. Nifijis Strong.
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Lizzi Reyes That was seriously crazy, keep the faith and keep courage, i am so proud of your ambition, the business come with the good and the bad, just give thanks to the almighty for taking care of the situation,it could of been worse…
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  1. Mi sexy friend Skilli unno did right speak the truth more blessings to come boo . China mi :kimpoi ago take him from you soon . New pum pum coming for you Skilli da best of the best :hn

  2. Skilly know seh is not shoes is di problem. Dem hide di weapon dem unda dem Balls cause security nah feel up no man seed bag.lmao. Mi know nuff woman no have time fi a teck off dem tight up shoes fi go force it back on. Who ah come outa dem bed fi dat. You notice how the club dem downtown don’t have as much issues as urs do? The sad part about it is ur club is down the street from the police precinct and u still carry di bad karma wid u. Try being a professional business man and hire real security and stop be cheap. Doesn’t security use the Wand to pick up the metal sound?? I guess not. All this commotion was over smoking which The owner himself does. Mi stop come your club long time . Mi tyaad fi when me come home me smell like me juss ah come out a one a di Marley’s smoke shop , hair do no cheap nowadays. Skilly you should have improved from the last incident at Traxx. Now the Police Department will be unda ur skin again. You can’t be entertaining the problem children and expect to be a business man. You never hear the saying doh mix business wid pleasure? If you a run a business do so, but expect less ppl to be ur fren. You can’t please some man and expect others to accept the fact that they are not included. I wish you luck , but from Dolphin gone you shoulda tighten up ur string and run ur business to the highest of standards. Money deh deh fi meck is u have to decide where your loyalty lies. Ur money or making frenemenies? Then again you no see dem no like you Skilly? No other yaad man venue no have soo much problem but urs. Hmmmmm

    1. So true @karma Skilli is definitely an hypocrite you cant Have rules and regulation and only expect for onr set of people to abide by them you’re going to cut down a tree don’t cut it from the branches, you have to cut it from the roots and by that I mean you as the owner has to obey by the same rules, your friends that you have following you how to obey by the same rules and me and you already know they are the instigators which brings you most of your problems I can remember you trying to kick me n my girlfriends out of your club for smokin before say put it out. but yet still we looked around and we see that all of your friends are smokin without being harassed so please if you’re going to Enforce something you have to start with your friends and your so call followers and maybe then you will have a chance.

  3. Skilli you can’t pressure people about no smoking and you in your club selling liquor without a licence. The law is no smoking in public places but the law also doesn’t allow any club in the state to sell liquor after 3am You need to pick and choose your battles more carefully because this didn’t have to happen

  4. i just wish he would leave these ratchet people alone, I don’t care how many times you rename, move rename again. If your patrons are still the same then the same trouble will follow.

  5. Skilly stop it. All of your crew a weed man and gun man. You fren smoke and carry dem shoes in the club and you ok it and aid it but you think it ok to try go hard on everybody else. You bias! Your club been a smokehouse forever so how u expect to move one block down and have the security fist up people about smoking after just the second event but you still have no liquor license and gun get in the club. You need fi sort out do real tings first. I rather smell of smoke but not get shot! People pay big money to get in $30 no cheap and you don’t get proper license after all these years. It dont funny! You use cheap security but I’m sure your fren dem gun in long time. Anything go down u always first 2 run everybody see u. Stand up and handle biz. When shots fire you run left everybody cause your shit dont straight. It’s no bad mind ting but let this be a strong lesson to not just collect the money but sort out this shit. Bere saltiness and crosses! And do please do spend on some air if you don’t want to spend on liquor permit.

  6. No liquor license, no proper security Skilli.All these years I would think as a business man u would tek care of it, u nuh just a start this, suh u should know better
    Why should I take off my shoes, a nuh airport mi deh…buss see yah

  7. This don’t look but fi keep it real Skilli have the best party spot in Philly….. Mi hope diss nuh end up like Traxx a Upper Darby… Because a nuff party a keep and this a di limelight Jamaican club…. Nuff promoters would lose money if that a di case…. But fi real him need fi get him liquor license because that alone can shut down the club… Next thing like unno said pay some money fi some real security guard with carrying license gun, not them yankee overweight people a wear black wid dem false security shirt…. You have to spend and invest your money inna yuh business if yuh want to be successful…. Yuh can’t mek a profit off of everything anno so business go yuh affi spend money and have it a run like any other professional business establishment…. Smh if mi only did have di opportunity some people have, mi coulda show dem di proper way fi run things….. (Hope this anno problem even though mi hardly party, it would messed up if it get shet dung over foolishness)

  8. Mi come all di way from jersey fi have fun n mi affi tek cover bcuz dis frosey head rasta bwoy deh wid him double standard… Nah stop let in man wid guns n weed inna club..Clean up act fassy!!!

  9. Most of y’all sound like a bunch hating ass people. If y’all don’t like how the man run his place, stay the f**k home!!!! When u accomplish as much as he has then u can say something!

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