Tongue God slaughta tone weh nuh stop walk & lick out the gyal dem front, when him walk pass the clothes line dem every draws guh missing .. Neva si a Shrek weh love sleep and sniff dirty panty suh dwl ..yuh need fi guh buy a thread mill ,if u stay bad one more time!! No saàahh ..and a my p**y u wah fi try fi f*** & sukk fi guh collapse pan me wid yuh heavy self and u have asthma *sad face* .. All the gyal dem want is yuh money cause every body know seh is a teely u packing & word on the streets is that ur head game is wack .. Look how him back board like shutter lol ..u wah si the frontal view !!, u would surely run for your life .

slaughter tone


  1. I always wonder how girls deh wid this dude. Him ugly bad and resemble mighty mouse! Kimone or wah ever she wah name stomach strong if tek him I tell u.

  2. Sender, two questions:

    1) What is a thread mill? Is it a gadget used by tailors and seamstresses? My friend is an aspiring designer with a birthday coming up and I would love to purchase one for her if not too pricey.

    2) Do you perform fellatio? If so, what’s wrong with cunnilingus? In your own words, the man needs improvement so let him continue to practice.

  3. But I thought Slaughter Tone was deceased. Because Bibi put that her baby father died and I could have sworn that she said he was her baby daddy. Putting up pics of her son saying “Baby Slaughter Tone” or something like that. Only to find is a next man is her baby daddy. So honestly mi tink him was dead. Nay memba nuttin bout Mr Tone. God forgive me.

  4. Apple tash weh in baltimore and him use to deh too. She sleep with every dog. She never ever; will never look good. She always stay bad n kill her dead she hot. Met, everytime she dress n post i laugh. Ppl a new york know know them n them use to nothing. I think a she send in tash or sash u dont look good n never have.

  5. Frigging rookies always a fall asleep at sidechicks n jumpoffs place.Cmon dudes when will yall learn…thats the only time them gonna get them photo op.stop giving these tricks them opportunity for receipts..u too bolt kmft!

  6. A di same slaughter tone dis weh frettty did a grine? It look like she calm down now a longtime she no grace pinkwall wid eh new tiddayss (fits)

  7. Come like a apple sen it een fi tru..but she full a shame tho cause she f**k d chedda empire boss then slata n dem.thick

  8. Senda well block out ar self before she send it een eeh? Gwaan tru when him did gi u di money and a press u out wid the heavy weight u nay know him ugly? U nay know him head game wack? Better u did come pon ya n say him short u pension money, we wudda help u cuss him til him pay bcuz we bleve when woman work dem fi get pay. But then again mabe is a lazy f**k u gi him mek him short u n a sleep like him own d place. N to the bredda as Yardi say u cant a pop dem deh big sleep a side piece yard all when a u pay the rent/light/water. If u buss a nut n tired u hold a snooze n lap up ar rass n mek sure the phone dem inna d next room. If she get up u wake.

  9. Dem man deh is nuttn but ah vehicle fi germs and bed bug. How him drop asleep inna di bed suh and fit een jus like a mattress. Senda yuh miss out plenty ah di story….rewind and come again.

  10. Nasty apple I hate that girl….know the bitch from big boi days the mixer on cdfantasy….a di best a she now.,…pon gar IG pic she can gwane like she a d shit esi….in har pretty girl clothes….kmt den she realli f**k slaughter… my what a gal fi f**k

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