If you so bitter change the name. She a reach fi a bag a excuse and none nuh really satisfy having your exman name whey yuh hate as ur name fi di res a u life


  1. I always heard it is hell to change your name back after a divorce. Probably best to just keep your name in di fuss place when u married. I know quite a few ppl who have divorce and not changed back to their maiden name.

  2. no sa one woman ca mad fi 5yrs no possible way…how met, how???…the saying is true once u go Jamaican its hard to go back and the gal is a yardie…hush she need fi just get a man she make obsession bout fi kill her

  3. The only one wa mek sense, is the fact that changing name is a pain in the ass. Mi annoyed when mi fi update mi address on every piece of ID and mi neva married yet, so Ikinda understand that. But she nuh rich? she mus have assistance fi handle dat fi har. A let she nuh ready fi let guh affa di man.

  4. A lot of divorce women keep their married names after being divorced, both rich and poor, famous or not . Ivanna Trump (Donald), Cheryl Cole a(Ashley), Eddy Murphey’s ex wife just to name three. I personally dont see anything wrong with it. to each his own.

  5. Me bredda ex wife bitterrraaa dan di first Mrs.Hart an she still a use di name.. She use di same justification that it’s a hassle fi change an say me niece have di name so why not I don’t see any ting wrong wid it, maybe she a tink das all me have lef wha him cyaa tek from me no law no deh fi dat s

    1. There is a law that could be use during the divorce proceedings. My friend did that when him a divorce him ungrateful wife. He had the judge include that in the divorce. At the time she was to revert back to her maiden name within 30 days of the divorce.

  6. Also, remember when Tina Turner divorced from Ike that she asked to retain only his name. SO, by right they should be converting back to their maiden names after a divorce.
    Corey by any other last name isn’t marketable, so she a hold the last name hostage.

  7. Maybe she’s not bitter. Maybe she’s ANGRY about being cheated on. Sheeew if I was w/a man when he had NOTHING & he got rich & left me & the kids I’d be ANGRY! But I don’t blame her. She & the kids will have the same name. UNLESS she gets married again & changes it. And oh?….. she does have a new man. He may not be as RICH but she has a new man. See the problem when you do these EX shows is that you STILL have to promote the show, so it still looks like you a carry grudge, but she already has a new man that she says she is happy with.
    Bwoy I notice ppl give WIVES more grief then side chicks nowadays.

    1. Can I tell you! Wife never right, man cheat and she must just get over it, really?! Marriage is more than two people a [email protected]#% so if she salty she have every damn right to be and if she want to keep the name that’s quite alright too! Don’t see the big deal, she’s not the first one to do it and she certainly not going to be the last.

  8. I don’t think she is angry about the divorce. I think its more along the lines that she is upset that the girl Mr.Hart cheated on her with get the privilege of being around her children. Which woman wouldn’t be upset?
    I say..keep his last name because it would be a PAIN to change.

  9. It is a hassel to change back the last name.. Under these circumstances I think I would if I were her.. @ ebony I agree, ppl tend to give more grief to an ex wife or wife than the side chick.. That’s with any situation don’t matter who it is.. The world we live in today..

  10. I see a lot of people that has never been maried leaving comments so you probably would’nt understand please report back after being divorced….its a pain in the butt to change plus u have to show proof of everything as to why things don’t match its almost ridiculous….plus IT DOES NOT MATTER IF ITS 5 YRS OR A DAY SINCE SHE IS DIVORCED THE HURT AND PAIN STILL LINGERS SHE IS ONLY HUMAN!

  11. i don’t see what hassle there is to change yuh last name fren juss divorce har husband an ina di decree she ask di judge fi include going back to har maiden name ina di divorce an it was granted…she juss waan hold on pan Kevin name cuz das di only Hart of his she will eva have…leggo di name cuz di man a geet to smaddy else..she jus still waan be associated wid Kevin some how some way…she so angry and still a run wid di name..Bye Felicia!!

  12. I would say get over the pain heartbreak and the disappointment, but it is easier said than done. Many women have walked in your shoes and many more will experience what you went through. That how most men are. Most marriages are as good as how much women ignore their husband’s infidelity. But I think the children are your life long reminder of your ex and that should be enough. As hard as the process of reverting back to your own name is, it is even harder not to….that’s if you really want to….cause the reasons you gave is very vague. You are young and beautiful and now in a position to build on your own name….let him go totally, cause how a woman gets a man is how she’ll loose him, believe me!! Many women go into a man’s life with the intention of being more than a side chick…and try to out do the other women. But, they soon realize that what he did to the ex he’ll certainly do to her. Go do you and live your life you are young, beautiful and smarter. Good luck and please don’t b bitter at me only encouraging another sista!

  13. Petty. The name is hers to keep. Hardly know ne body who legally change their name after divorce esp ppl with kids. It just easier.
    If she wasn’t bitter something wld be wrong ! Everything is a process anger is just a stage it will pass.

  14. She should have used to downtime to ask Kevin’s publicist to construct a proper paragraph, one that’s grammatically correct and that makes sense.
    Clearly she enjoys the perks and the bit of notoriety/publicity she gets from the name, no other reason.
    Did this heffa say “I like the name and it has nothing to do with Kevin?” Really? So, isn’t it Kevin’s name and Kevin why you are able to use the name in the first place?
    Second, it’s your kids name because Kevin is their father, he’s not your father and he’s not your husband.
    Third, it’s not a hassle if you want it changed. It’s the completion of one piece of paper filed in the court house and a few hours at the DMV. How much of a hassle is that? For all other business, one simply attaches a copy of the name change form.

    1. She has to change every single peace if documents that she owns.. Credit cards, id, passport, lease, car note etc. U must have not been married. It’s more than the DMV hunny

  15. She can keep it and use it if she wants, that is hers and only her choice to make. Someday she will re-marry and bear her new husbands name.

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