Makeup artist Kay,You need to stay wide away from people shape walk and tell everybody that u call her begging back her friendship and how u sorry Yankee Michelle hate Kay robbas chat Kay with shape day in and day out the man that Kay a mind up Kay raw bad


  1. There’s nothing to figure out Met, sender need a rass box inna di early morning yah ….a try done people an cannot construct a proper sentence ole back_wall gal/boy

  2. kay call simone shape a beg back fren yankee michelle dont like kay n robbas chat kay, dat a too much mi cyah badda senda yuh rass

  3. Kay has an ex-friend who’s very shapely. The sender doesn’t want to say her name, so sender calls her “Shape”. She’s assuming Kay will figure it out (which might be hard cause every has a good “shape” nowadays). Sender wants Kay to know that this ex-friend of hers is going around telling people that Kay has been calling her, trying to rekindle the friendship, adding that she was sorry. Sender also wants Kay to know that Yankee Michelle hates her and Robbas talks about her on a daily basis with her ex-friend “Shape”. She also adds that the man that Kay is currently supporting financially, also says that Kay smells “raw bad”. This is an attempt by the sender, to warn Kay to stay away from people in general, as no one is currently on her side. Have a great day Metters.

  4. Sounds like Kay is a grown woman. Sometimes when you fall out with someone you considered a good friend… SOMEONE has to be the bigger person and place that call. if “Shape” didnt want to hear the argument, she shouldnt pick up the incoming call.

  5. U know say mi ago get a contract fi pink wallers. All cold case and egyptian hieroglyphics mi a mek unnu solve unnu bad nuh r@ss lol.

  6. Thanks mamaCita! Kay looks like you need to go a doctor with some of that makeup money you getting babes and get that puss checked out lol

  7. Cita tuh di wrerl :ngakak Mi knoe reading ah yuh ting and yuh duh nuff work wid nuff weh challenged in dat arena…cause it took a special kind fi decipher dat DaVinci code :ngakak

  8. MamaCita did a great job. You can tell who had proper schooling. Now can someone plz tell mi plz about Bag White and Tasha cuz dem done and mi see her with next man.

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