1. Bounty is really a changed man. I thought he would have wiped her out worst than that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Visa anyone?

        1. not by degrading another woman and women, oh please what you call defend is right up rudness and disrecpectful, but then again, knowing the type of person u are i dont expect any better from you.

          1. never met me yet sweetheart so you can’t style me!!! as we Jamaicans would say “u no more dan mi” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Claudia is not even close to looking like angel but she a nice girl tho , she been holding down killa all when angel was with him . She is the last one standing out of all of killa woman them , she have no kids for bounty but I guess is her loyalty to him why he choose her, very humble young lady bounty can married her now

    1. D Angel and Bounty broke up in 2005. It don’t make no sense for a woman to be dating a man for over 15 years and he refuse to marry her or let her have a child for him. Cha mon no guidance doesn’t she have family or friends to tell her the truth that she has wasted her youth with a man who won’t commit. How old is Claudia now? I feel like crying for her. What is she waiting for isn’t forthcoming

      1. maybe she doesnt want children or maybe a only Bounty a lone a Sex her ..cuz the other children them say weh Bounty get by other women a Jackets meaning him ting might not be connecting

    1. Yes…but why all dis..a cuss man bout mouth long…like river nile . U hama her rass an u ketch trouble

  3. I just love the way he has always defended her, coming to her defense pretty much whenever anyone has had anything to say .

  4. Even though her style isnโ€™t to my taste, I love the way she has her unique look and doesnโ€™t conform to all the usual types killa has around him. I think that speaks volumes.

  5. bounty killa is a disrespectful animal, i really think he is a damm sissy, him very rude. anyhow him did live oversees and he was one of those artist he would have to make a public apology, no wonder his visa is cancelled. is last year mi see him tell a girl to jump in her mumu big pussy hole, now if that fool think usa giving him any more visa him make a sad mistake. ole ediot.

    1. Badmind a go kill u ,bout if a U.S..A how much people get diss regular online ina foriegn what his visa have to do with that country come a town and end up a backawall you just type fi type sake with no sense or reasoning .the amn defending his woman plus he is letting the sender know stop comparing his woman to d angel of all the woman he was with go and look it up all his babymothers are beautiful so angel is beenie ex so them fi put her with beenie not him

  6. YOOOOWWWW YALOW!!! Killa a fire BULLETS BULLETS @ missBB55 ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Killa seh wash out your eys please!!!! yooowwwww ๐Ÿ™‚ man a defend him woman!! can’t cuss the man for that!!!!!

  7. Killa have all right fi bullit dah smaddy deh, absolutely no resemblance, I tink Claudia fava killa, If yuh kill Claudia an bleach killa an fling a wig pon him head a Claudia dat all ova back agen loll

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