Trial judge blasted for diluting Vybz Kartel’s defence

An attorney in the appeal case involving Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, and his co-accused, on Thursday criticised the trial judge for diluting the defence given by the incarcerated dancehall entertainer in his unsworn statement.

Attorney Oswest Senior-Smith, who represents Kartel’s co-accused, Andre St. John, said the statement was not treated adequately and fairly by the judge.

He said Kartel revealed much in his unsworn statement but the judge failed to draw connection during his summation to the jury.

Mr. Senior-Smith, who made his submission in the appeal hearing Thursday afternoon, said Vybz Kartel outrightly denied killing Clive “Lizard” Williams in his unsworn statement.

He argued that the entertainer declared that his hands are clean of Mr. Williams’s blood, if in fact he is deceased.

The attorney suggested that the material presented in court was not evaluated by the judge in relation to the evidence.

He argued that this outright denial by Kartel of any killing was not given sufficient weight by the judge in his directions to the jury, and this was detrimental to the entertainer’s case.

Mr. Senior-Smith added that the judge failed to give the jury the necessary instructions about the time stamp on a video which was allegedly recorded on the night of the murder.

He told the court that the time stamp would have shown the flaws in the prosecution’s evidence.

But another concern was raised by the attorney, who questioned whether the instructions given to the jury by the court were accurate for them to have come to a fair and considered verdict.

Vybz Kartel, Kahira Jones, Shawn Campbell and Andre St. John were convicted for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams on August 16, 2011.

The defence for Vybz Kartel and his co-accused completed submissions on Thursday.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Taylor, the prosecution’s lead attorney, will make submissions on Friday, which is the final day of the appeal hearing.


  1. So where is the deceased? Like how Kartel send Gaza Slim go report say Lizard rob her, they could have made up that he ran away to Panama, or Haiti, right? So many lawyers, and they still can’t come up with a real case of reasonable doubt. When Kartel got locked up, the police got together like Brooklyn Tabernacle choir and sang everything they knew. I was reading things that I knew had to come from inside the force. We need a retrial, give him life without parole next time.

    1. Or bun up the cell like weh dem do Jim Brown :nohope no more of his poisonous music! No more Gaza nuttn just finish him! This man has tainted the minds of men towards women! Then Alkaline and others follow suit! Nuff killers aguh tink seh oh World boss get weh so its OK fi mi do certain things! Why and how Buju naa do music behind bars and kartel is?! He ain’t humble behind bars so can eeeemagine if it come road? The amount of dash wud him a guh du in a him songs

    2. Like I say here many times, “Tom drunk, but Tom no fool.” It would be funny if this open up another unsolved murder case against him backside.

      Spain man dem wish him come out 😀

      1. I said the same thing too PP. Kartel is a suspect in other murder cases so future charges are possible. The freedom he is after will have new meaning.

  2. ‘It is important to note that the evidence may still be admissible. We are submitting that even if it may be argued that there were gaps that raised reasonable doubt, the evidence was still admissible’ – Assistant Director Brown


  3. Cell phone date stamp dont mean sh*t. If you have something fi hide, you just keep changing the time zones in your phone for your calls texts etc.

    Onoo gwey ya wid dis gremlin looking creature. No road fi u Fartel

  4. It’s funny how they have an appeal and riding on time stamp ….so did they forget that he Said the phone is not his ,??So now it’s his phone but the time is wrong ??

    1. Drop a bbc grung! Lolololololl

      Met! You have fi go inna archive and. Add the excerpts from the transcripts each time se lawyer dem talk. God know DPP have fi go carry Blackberry back into action because these CRIMINAL if a lawyer think dem can talk dem way out a dia yah plastic bag yah.

  5. Per the Gleaner:

    Senior Superintendent of Police of @JamaicaConstab found dead. He is suspected to have killed himself. His body was reportedly found hanging. Details being withheld at the moment.

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