Dr Cooper as she call herself write the below article fi the Jamaica Gleaner, apparently she upset seh KC old boys want old boys time with their past school mates… and because of that they are gay. I want to ask her what does that make her idol Vybz Kartel who also went to Calabar an all boy’s school? Mi waa know what she really driving at and why does she like most typical Jamaicans call man gay when they cant find anything to say..She try it wid Clovis and now she condemn a whole association of men she doesn’t know personally..And the Jamaica Gleaner publish it…WITH PRIDE.
I want to ask Dr Carolyn Cooper/ Mrs Whoo from Whooville; what are the women who are not past students of the school going to do at a function that they cannot relate to or make relations with the participants ?? Why was she allowed to throw missiles at a High School that has been in existence before she was born? What allows her the right to label these men and not label a criminal for what he was …when the evidence on him was overwhelming with the effrontery to call the women of these men delusional?….am I missing something about Carolyn Cooper or a daft me daft?
Carolyn Cooper
I have great respect for the KC old boys who have proudly come out and made their sexual preference absolutely clear. The female sex is not for them.
In 2012 and 2013, the KC Old Boys’ Association tried to make it with women at their annual dinner. They concluded that the experiment had failed. This year, under the leadership of Dr Patrick Dallas, the old boys decided to stick to themselves.
It’s quite understandable. For five or even seven years, at a crucial stage of their sexual development, these KC old boys spent five days, every week for most of the year with their beloved classmates. They fought and made up. They played games on and off the field. And they embraced each other in victory and defeat.
These old boys have become big men, in theory. They have big jobs, big houses, big cars and big debts to prove it. But many of these big men are still just little boys dressed up in adult clothing. They long for the good old days on North Street when being a KC boy promised to make life so easy. It entitled you to an eternity of privilege.
It must be quite difficult for these old boys to adjust and learn to enjoy the company of women – their natural inferiors. It’s not a skill at which they’ve had much practice. Their mothers and sisters don’t count. They’re family. Quite inappropriate for certain forms of exploration! And female teachers don’t make good role models. They lack the right equipment.
Some of these old boys may eventually get married to women. But it now seems as if they don’t really enjoy associating with the female sex. It’s just not to their taste. They certainly don’t want to wine and dine with women. They may occasionally do so on the down-low. But definitely not in public!
I don’t understand why some women are so angry with the KC old boys for publicly admitting that they want to play with themselves at their annual dinner. That’s their choice. They have a right to their sexual preference. Delusional women believe they can channel the sexual desires of men. That’s just straight self-deception. No woman, no matter how hot she thinks she is, can force a man to want her – if he’s all wired up for men.
The unwilling man may, occasionally, go through the motions of pleasing women for a peaceful life. But if his heart is not in it, he’s likely to suffer from penile failure. And though it’s quite possible to fake orgasm, it’s impossible to fake erection. If the man is not psychologically prepared to play ball, not even Viagra can help him. And only God can save him from the vanity of a determined woman who thinks her charms ought to be enough to seduce him.
I much prefer a man to come clean with me. It saves a lot of time and work. Instead of getting all hot and bothered at the pleasurable prospect of making it with this gorgeous man, I can just relax. Nutten nah gwaan. The man is not for me. We can have great conversations and even go out together. But we done know; there will be no going in. Or goings-on!
And ignorance of the truth is definitely not bliss. Just suppose you’re a woman who’s been invited to the KC old boys’ dinner by one Mr Fortis. You accept, on the assumption that your old boy actually enjoys your company. On the night of the affair, you’re dressed to puss back foot and you know you’re looking good. But after a while, you notice that Fortis not paying yu bad mind.
Female intuition kicks in and it comes to you in a cold flash. Much to your vexation, you realise that you’re actually an unwelcome intrusion. Your old boy’s body may be next to you but his eyes are roving the room, looking for the real objects of his desire: his faithful companions from way back when.
The origin of that word ‘companion’ is Latin. ‘Com’ means ‘with’ and ‘panis’ means ‘bread’. So, literally, a companion is someone you eat bread with. And that includes patty and box juice. Your heartical brejrin. No woman can come between a man and his bona fide high-school sweethearts. Plural. No matter how hard she tries. The brave may fall but never yield!
All the same, several old boys don’t approve of that backward move to exclude women from the annual dinner. These are the real big men who have definitely grown up. They have no intention of leaving their female companions at home while they go off to live in the past with their high-school sweethearts. After the old boys’ dinner, they’ll want to share bread and bed with their woman.
Kingston College is the ‘brother’ school of St Hugh’s. On November 22, we’ll be having our 115th anniversary banquet. We’re including men. It’s such a pity some KC old boys don’t seem to understand that it’s in their best interest to associate with women, the superior sex. Good sense just might rub off on them. It takes a new kind of old boy to get it.
Carolyn Cooper is a teacher of English language and literature. Visit her bilingual blog at Email feedback to [email protected] and [email protected]


  1. That lady if a dumb F all the guys said when the have meeting and the wives or girlfriend around the convo is different they can’t talk about certain things has they would like I’m sure when females by themselves they do the same

  2. Great article Carolyn cooper. It only hot d bwoy dem WAh kno u AH chat d truth.
    Tooooooooooooo much secret undercover bwoy-men in jamaica.
    Lights out. Game ova.

  3. Nothing is wrong with what she’s saying its only fair. All those fortis men wouldnot be produced without women.kc old boys tend to take their masculinity too far, so what if a woman tag along u can talk all u want to with ur friends just the is just wierd when u have so many men in a room like that with all that testosterone and excitement building up just to see each other it just does not sound or look good. At the end of the day alot of respect goes out to u guys cuz ur coming from a great institution but a mean u need to slow down a tad bit fortis……immaculate kept their dinner and we were allowed to carry men just saying

    1. She wrong like if dog shit pon you plate and yu nhame out a it said way!
      Carolyn Cooper go nhame s$kt cause me MAN A NU BATTYMAN! Him free to go to the rass event and me going to drop an extra towards the event fi a member who bow to phuckry!
      I’m in the States and travel to and fro’ and me man up in a society thanks to KINGSTON COLLEGE existence when Dark skin men weren’t being looked on…him free fi go hang out and talk with the elders and eat a dinner that I’m not available to prepare on that day. Ole fag hag cooper gwey!
      Morning Met

  4. How the baxide the people dem function affect she?! Is her tax dollars a spend? They begging her nuttn? So what if they want to keep it a private function without female interference?
    Why don’t you people make a stink about going to lodge meetings with the men? Are they gay too???
    Leave the men and their masculinity alone. It is there right to determine how and who they want to be in their space. Go and and make a big deal out of something that actually affects the wider populace and something that your tax dollars actual contributed to.

  5. A how she a guh suh hard pan dah topic yah?? How dare she come out publicly swinging at d whole KCOB, Im sure if 1 & 2 KCOB have some twisted agenda,there are others who are very much open to the idea of having women at d event. At 1st I was livid about d exclusion, but I analyzed d situation, & truthfully there are a lot of women only events being hosted, so it just wldnt be fair, wld it, if women r included in everything while on d contrary men r not?! So although I wish they cld have re-examine that decision for the sake of d women who have sacrificed and contributed greatly to the fortis family, I say let them have their day!!! By d way, is that thing, a woman or a man??? Unuh sure a nuh Carl Cooper & not Carolyn???!! She harself come in like she a struggle wid gender issues, kmt She come in like a clean clothes mad man, damn educated fool.

      1. Metty talk d truth, yuh nuh fava 1 grey tone long seed man to yuh??? If yuh tuh har over yuh gooda si 1 12 inch cocky under deh!!!! Yes wi cut wi likkle qualms ova yah & some a wi(cauz mi nah lef out miself) seh d man a fish, but fi guh publicly wid it so fi a big professor weh shd an know betta, she is a shame & disgrace to UWI. Look how dem fire d other professor weh day (mi all figet him name yah now) weh seh something bout gay, d man lose him wuk, over 1 likkle statement & dis yah transgender yah free fi paste shit all over d paper & mek general comments bout a whole association due to d inaction of a demented few. Mi hognorant fi har man, not even ignorant, like hognorant. She is a #1 fan & d biggest cheerleader fi a damn serial killer & di biggest batteyman over Horizon deh now, & a write bare f**kery & a looby fi dat killer & a put article inna national paper a call d entire KCOB association battyman??!! She & whosoever hire har fi go whey man!!!! yuh cant insult d many innocent fi d guilty few. Yes 1 & 2 fish glad bag buss seh nuh woman nah come, suh dem & dem 1 time boyfriend can get fi link up, but har article throw shade pan d entire KCOB association, like is a 1 whole aquarium or a sea world a guh ova deh. mi nuh care if a Satire or what, she is downright feisty & too damn brite, she fi exercise some semblance a decency man, damn butu!!!

    1. “Carl” don’t have no man or children to har bio, but she have everybody issues up in arms.
      This woman only associate with poor class for academic purposes, outside of that … :shutup: 😉

      1. A true yuh a talk PP d shim lobby fi all d wrong reasons. Just analyze all d issues she comments on or lend her voice to & see if she ever stand up for a worthy cause… she NEVER stand up fi something right or push a good agenda yet!!!! I believe as a senior member /professor of d university d authorities have seen it fit to confer on her those appointments, thinking she was an individual of integrity, but sometime mi hear d woman talk or read her pieces & seh a weh dem get dah mad woman yah from bout she a teach ppl pickney??? If this is who is educating our future generation, then we r in so much trouble. D woman full up a doctorate & degrees & nuh have nuh reasoning

        1. She is an opportunist! she seek opportunities off of the poorer members of our Island nation. She study is in english so me nu know how she tun psychologist and anthropologist…Ragga got a better handle on those areas of life.

  6. FOR ALL IN AGREEMENT wid de batty man speech by this oman who condone phuckry on one side a de fence…onu don’t know nothing or respect nothing and fall fi anything!
    Kingston College come about when BLACK SKIN, DARK SKIN, “DARK LIKE MIDNIGHT” MEN weren’t getting the opportunity to higher education as their lighter skin, fellow humans, Hence the start of an Institution that catered to them. Now that they want to continue the tradition of their foundation it becomes a BATTY MAN THING…They have other events that are inclusive, this is their function that is in keeping with the All boys tradition and they have the right to do so. In secure wives/girlfriends shouldn’t join the bandwagon and let the men have the night without issues.

  7. Carolyn Cooper boldly call KC old boys battymen? Really? That fawked – up looking walrus said that? Dis come een like de pot a call de kettle black…. or in her case, dis old gal sodomite a call de duppy vampire. De bitch claim sey she is a Professor and is educated, but in reality she should take notes from comedian Robin Williams, Don Cornelius, the former host of SOUL TRAIN, and Coutney Love’s ex, Kurt Cobain. For despite their fame, all 3 of them committed suicide. Holy shit man, why can’t she learn her lesson here?

  8. Met, mi late pon this but Metters, Peepers and others (hi Simplicity) please indulge mi a moment, because this need to be said, if only fi put tings inna proppa context.
    Carolyn Cooper probably a dash wud pon har bredda Kingsley Cooper. Fi years di rumour a guh round bout him. All when him have daughter and woman, de rumor still a follow him. Memba seh is ongle RUMOR.
    Kingsley Cooper is a KCOB and owner of Pulse, a very successful businessman. I respect his accomplishments, not trying to tear down a KCOB.
    Carolyn Cooper fly pass har nest. A non factor seeking relevance from lost credibility. How is Vybz Kartel doing these days?
    Full disclosure: Mi is a FORTIS, from birth til death, ghetto yute and a mi seh projects fi woman. Didn’t need to add dat but what de heck, it is the Pink Wall. LOL. Not unique to Fortis.
    Some people juss badmind KC because dem nuh unndastan de KC culture and how one set a yutes can stay togedda, bonded fi life.
    KC was formed fi poor inner city yutes during a time when only uptown ‘red skin’ people cuddan get an education. Bishop Gibson start de school 1925, fi gi ghetto yutes the same opportunity that the privileged uptowners were getting. At that time JC, Wolmers, Calabar and St. George’s were the schools for the privileged in Kingston, St. Andrew.
    Now come this little school of poor yutes, cultured by Bishop Gibson to have ambition, discipline and drive to challenge the big established schools. Soon after (about 7 years) KC, wid poor black inner city boys start dominate de established schools inna everything from academics, debate competition, football, cricket, track & field, tennis, chess, swimming, music and drama. All the things the privileged were dominating, KC took the challenge, competed and buss dem ass and built up a following downtown. Finally, poor black people downtown had a school with boys who look like them a dominate de rich bwoy dem.
    A deh suh the KC hate start from, a poor school with black inner city boys should not be leading the elite schools of British Caucasians, Syrians, Lebanese, Chinese and mixed high color money people.
    All of sudden KC poor black yutes a win Rhodes Scholarships, a turn doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, pilots, politicians and start move up inna society. That never sit well with the establishment inna Jamaica, because from a KC yuh guh yuh suppose to know your place. Yuh from de lower class and yuh must stay dere.
    KC yutes who made it and moved uptown sent their boys to KC downtown. That also didn’t set well with their uptown neighbors. They did not want their kids who were going to uptown schools associating with the neighbors kids who were going to ghetto school – bad influence.
    Such was the times in Jamaica, classism ruled.
    Since KC yutes know the fight they were getting from the establishment, they formed the KCOBA to help one anedda inna society. Whenever one get a break they helped to bring in a qualified KC man. That was how they were going to break the chain link the uptowners had in Jamaican professional establishment and political landscape. They also committef to support the school suh the upcoming yutes can get de same opportunities.
    Out of dat, the KCOBA start spread and deh all over the world, helping other KCOB and still contributing to the school. That is the history of the hate – out of jealousy for the school success and the bond that exist between all Fortis.
    The past 8 yrs haven’t been as good for KC relative to the standard that was set in academics, which was our core despite our success and notoriety in sports. The KCOCA has committed to bring it back to where it was and take the school to higher heights. The long standing tradition of the annual dinner from 1933 that included old boys only was to return to its original format -no women, only alumni. Three times the tradition was broken to include women, 1975, 2012 & 2013.
    The old boys thought the inclusion of women to this annual dinner had changed the vibe, where the men, in the presence of their female partners were not at liberty to contribute with ideas. money and deed, as they would without the presence of the women. So they decided to go back to the tradition which had served them well for the last 81 years. What is wrong with that?
    KC have events all over North America and Europe that includes women. The last one I went to in Florida had way more women than men. The ones in New York full a women cause KC man dem know nuff women, and nuff women gravitate towards KC man.
    Suh Carolyn Cooper wid har eediat self, nuhbady not even a look pon har, ongle a few KC haters a support de eediat column. KC yutes are used to de hating. From 1st form every KC was told to prepare fi de hate dat comes with being a part of the great institution. A we seh debate, and school challenge and Rhodes scholarship and academics and sports. A we seh academics first, or yuh can’t represent de school inna sports. A we seh well rounded yutes, so we can fit in a any segment a society. A we seh Judges and Ambassadors, a we seh musicians and singers and actors. And, everybody know we can defen it if it comes to da ting deh, weh we nah promote. KC man dem nuh inna drag out fight pon campus, argue but wi nuh fight – after all we are an all boys a school.
    All of a sudden this likkle poor people school pon North Street rise up to be the target weh everybody want tek set pon. Dem neva know when it was the only school a represent de ‘black bud’ dem.
    When we a move wid pride inna wi khaki suit, purple and white tie and a mek downtown mawkit people proud fi see a black bwoy a pass him GCE dem and get picho inna Gleaner, dem neva know KC dem time deh.
    It is the adversities that KC yutes experience that make them stay close to each other. JC, Calabar, Wolmers, St.Georges don’t have a similar bond because none of them had to endure the challenges that KC had to endure from Jamaica classist society. Now, they all wished they had the similar network and bonding. Can we say JEALOUSY. This too shall pass, and dem gwine hate more when dem start to see all the upgrades in the works by KCOBA. Proud Fortis Forever!!!

    1. Kunta on the behalf of my honey and male relatives “Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Protest” Thank you, for highlighting the history of this revolutionary institution o those who didn’t seek out the knowledge but bought into the propaganda.
      “ The Brave May Fall But Never Yield.”

    2. Thank yuh fi dat Kunta, after reading that yuh mek mi waan send mi daughter dem guh KC, lol. I too was oppose to d exclusion of women at 1st, but after weighing d pros and cons I saw that I was missing d bigger picture, which was not just a battle of d sexes or gender issues, but something more meaningful than that. Well said!!!

      1. So, Onedrop away from me being a bit hostel (lol)…it took Kunta fi yu believe what I wrote before?

      2. OneDrop, yuh funny. Yuh want send yuh daughter dem guh KC. That made me LOL. There is a saying, ‘there are two kinds of people, those who went to KC and those who WISHED they went to KC. LOL.
        Glad you were able to get a better understanding of KC and why KC is admired by many and loathed by the ignorant and the jealous.

      3. Lawks man PP, cho man nuh bada gwaan suh man, yuh dun know seh wah u seh a gospel, lol. If yuh guh back to d genesis of dis article when Metty 1st post seh d President a d KCOB a revert to dem original theme which was to exclude women, memba seh mi did against it & a lick out pan it eh nuh. A when u & Metty mention some brilliant points for this move, mi start look deeper than d surface, & re-examine d situation & seh yuh know seh we as women unfair more time though?! Look how much time we have girls night out, & host all women event & d men dem nuh lick out, so how every pan knock wi want fi deh deh, & d men dem excluded?? Dat nuh right!!! That cant fair!!! But a when Kunta shell d historical facts abt d institution a desso mi get d real full 100!!! Suh unuh guh tru & get unuh likkle 2 hr from d nagging yah, cauz wi all know seh women still a guh be d #1 agenda, d most important topic a d night, cauz dem still a guh boast bout how much women dem have, atleast fi d gaylis dem mi know know bout d fish dem, lol.

        1. Morning…lol Me see where you evolved, lol.
          Can you imagine a pledge get mek fi certain project and when the poor man reach inna de car the nagging start pon how much him pledge? lol
          The woman dem a watch whey de man drink, eat, talk sey…then as me man say dem ready fi leave early cause dem go see 1, 2 or 10 exman inna de place…lolol KC man dem hot, young or ole. An educated, productive dark skin man sexxy all the time.

      4. @ Anonymous, lol, mi seh when Kunta shell it, mi seh mi start get d fortis fever, lol. Sometime when champs a gwaan, mi juse to seh to miself, ‘dem hype eh man’ a nuff time my likkle country school buck dem inna SCQ finals & couldnt stand dem, but for d 1st time, I finally understood, why they were so passionate abt their legacy & the reason behind their allegiance & saw d importance & sense of pride they get from a continuation of their rich tradition. KC a gaylis!!! lol A same suh mi love fi mi likkle rural alma mater pan d peninsular to suh mi kinda understand dah bond deh weh dem have yuh nuh.

    1. lol, a suh it guh sometime manm nuff time mi read ova mi comments dem, & seh a how Metty mek sense from dem nonsense yah??? Mi seh it come in like when teacha a mark kindergarten pickney book, lol, likkle typo error more whole

  9. This bitch really, really out a orda! The day this woman pass and if me alive me going to have a dinner party…bitch.
    “No woman can come between a man and his bona fide high-school sweethearts. Plural. No matter how hard she tries. The brave may fall but never yield!”

    1. PhantomP, just read your post dem. Thanks fi de support. You know whats up. From you post dem, yuh never need fi read what mi write fi know, you already know de historical facts bout de college and why Fortis move different wid dem one anedda. Yuh hubby is a Fortis and mi sure him appreciate you and all women. Carolyn fi guh one side. Look like she never know how deep Fortis connect wid woman. Bless up honorary Fortis and big up yuh hubby; cause a mi family.

      1. All you PP nuh easy eh nuh, wah yuh seh Man Royal (Carl Cooper) a style yuh hubby & him former school mates, lol, all now mi cant believe seh Gleaner really post that. Dem media house deh really gone to d dogs eh nuh!!! smh

  10. You’d think that someone with Dr Cooper’s education would understand the obvious possibility that, for the sake of freely discussing internal issues with the school–plans etc.–the events may be excluding outsiders generally rather than just women.
    With her assumed sophistication, this obsession with sexual preference seems odd, to say the least.

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