1. Sincerest congratulations to you both,go build your empire like Cookie n Lucius ..but in real life this time!!

  2. No ah pure engagement party and all these things for what idk but shit she wait forever for this proposal so she frightened bad. Lol oney ah get old so ah good time now him settle and no one want him but Cora lol congratulations one your engagement to your one foot man weh. Every other gyal Nyam out and him nah stop fuck pon you Cora

    1. Why would she want to be her? She has her own business and her own happy life. Why does someone always have to be trying to be someone. I know her for a long time and she has never changed. Who gives a fuck about Keyshia Kaoir. Find something better to come talk next time you fool.

  3. Me say Cora extra so till if look bad, everything is overly done just to hype on the gram.

    S.N : she is a beautiful girl though nah take that from her.

  4. Oney know what time it is,in his proposal he said it “I’ve done it all.” Hint: Him dun run road, him dun cheat pon har (which I doubt) Oney realize seh a she alone want him, suh him put a ring on it.
    As to the Engagement bash, a little over the top. The wedding will be extreme I guess. #KeepingupwiththeHarriots. :tkp

  5. Everytime I see him I remember somebody tell me them sleep wid him and him lean up the foot in the corner of the room…loll…

  6. Stop hating on love that’s why black ppl cant reach far… they look happy and from there friends & family ain’t complaining who gives a fuck about the rest of you’ll that’s hating. Dont know them personally but this is God putting two ppl together… live and love girl gorgeous, outstanding!!!

  7. Smh look at the kind n type of people want chat about. Karma soon reach oney. God nah sleep I hope him member what him use to do for A living. Might God dem think u slow but u on time.

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