LONG ISLAND (PIX11) – Many of you may remember that moment you received your college acceptance letter.

Pretty exciting right?

Imagine getting eight — from the top programs in the country.

Well, Kwasi Enin did. The 17-year-old from Shirley was accepted to all eight Ivy League universities.

Long Island teen accepted to every Ivy League school
Enin must decide which school he will attend by May 1.

This isn’t just rare. It’s basically unheard of.

The teen plays the violin, volunteers and is an aspiring physician.

Enin scored a 2250 on his SAT and has already taken 11 advanced placement classes.

He must decide which school he will attend by May 1.


  1. This make the hair on my neck stand very heart warming excellent work parent/parents must be tremendously proud CONGRATS!!!!

    1. @Chuet ,I thought I was the only one who had the hairs on my neck standing…… I am so proud of him!!!! Just showed it to my 9 y-o who doesn’t like to do homework and thinks an 85% on a test is great…..

      We need to see more of this in our society….. Mi proud so till
      Well done young man!!! and congrats to the parents. They must be on cloud 1000!!!

  2. My heart warmed for him, my son is nine I recently graduated with my second degree( changing careers) and it was extremely important for me to have him attend. I want him to witness the joy and pride of being in that type of environment. He still talks about it today. When you have great influences and examples and people who inspire and encourage you anything is possible especially in a country such as this

    1. Congrats @Alwaysreading!!!! Mine was 6 months when I graduated, but I am still trying to get him to understand the importance of education and to excel in all he does.

  3. Excellent work. He’ll never be bored or boring. Don’t they say that nerds run the world? His future is bright.

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