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Social media touched by story of homeless teacher

A post by Javaughn Taylor has been making the rounds on social media over the past three days.

The post which shows him sitting beside a seemingly homeless woman has garnered close to 8000 shares since he posted it.

But the woman beside whom he was sitting, was more than just a homeless person to him but his former high school teacher.

“For 2 weeks I’ve been visiting Portland to find this lady she is now a mad woman as people would say. She taught me in 8 grade inti science (Integrated Science) she was one of the teachers that stood up for her students when other teachers think otherwise of them so I left my number somewhere and told them if they see her to call me,” he wrote.

And his efforts were not futile as he soon received a call that the teacher was located.

“Today I got that call and I hurry to Portland just to see her when I saw her my heart was fill with joy but when I walk up to her she to say “hi miss” she greeted me first saying “Javaughn Taylor what are you doing here?” My heart became so heavy I hugged her and went to the nearest shop and get her something to eat. I just pray that God will restore her health,” the post read.

Since then many have been sharing the story of the former Science teacher and her kind hearted student.

And while many are lauding the young man Taylor, others question what could have led to the state she is now in.

“Jesus Christ a Miss Parks that?” one person asked.

“What happened?” questioned another.

“I know her…..she was a very good teacher…. I am so proud of you (Javaughn)….. Smh…..There’s nothing impossible for God to do,” another said.




  1. Young man, you are a “Christ” because your entire movements were pure.

    May this lady get all the help she need, and may the creator and your ancestors walk with in all your days.

  2. Proud of you sir. What you have done is admirable and respectable. I hope God continues to bless you.

  3. I can relate to his story. Growing up in a dysfunctional abusive family, I could not read at age 10 or 11. I was in 2 grades lower than the children my age, so one day this beautiful woman decided to teach me how to read. In one school year I not only knew how to read but I was reading at a grade higher than my peers. One day she ran across my mind and wondered if she’s still alive because I wanted to thank her. Just yesterday while helping someone I ran into her, thanked her and gave her some cash. I’ll end it there but we are connected and without a doubt we’ll have this successful story to share. Big up to my African American teacher who helped when no one else would

  4. He is an amazing individual, this after many years he still had he in his thoughts, and he then set out on a journey, and he had a plan, and he execute that plan, now she is in the hospital, glory to God, what a mighty God we serve. Amen

  5. This is why it is important to treat ppl well in life. She touched him while doing her work when she was well and in her unwell state he is touching her too. While the story is beautiful, I wish it had not been broadcasted on social media. Good works do not need to be showcased. Even Christ in healing the blind man told him to go and tell noone. Let us do our good works quietly.

    1. What do you mean it should not be on social media? If it wasn’t for SM how you think the Lady would have gotten the help she needed and even got treatment? How you so chupid? KMT. If this kind young man did not put it out there this poor lady would still be in the abandon building.

      1. I have a right to my own opinions, as you have a right to yours. How me suh chupid? How can you not build a compelling enough argument and let that do the talking without resorting to insults?

        So before SM no good works was being done? Father Holung and his priests who have been taking up mad ppl off the streets of Jamaica for decades did not use SM to get their work done. Mother Teresa did not need SM. I understand that we are in the technology age and information moves swiftly, but please do not be fooled to believe that good works need SM to get off the ground. All you need is desire and like minds, not an Instagram handle. This is coming from someone who has been a lifelong volunteer, where even close friends and immediate family do not even know some of the organizations I have worked with.

        I still applaud his intentions. His post certainly provide food for discussion related to ethics.

  6. What a blessing this young man is. What a huge heart filled with goodness and love. This brings tears to my eyes. We walk past the homeless daily. And not everyone is kind enough to stretch a helping hand. Mental illness is a awful thing and a destroyer of lives. Praying for both this young man, that he may continue to do Gods work. And that his teacher will get the help she needs on her way to revovery

  7. Unnu know my yeye dem red like blood, nose ah run, face PINK like Victoria’s BEST Secret and my head’s a POUNDING, right!?!

    Javaughn, I LOVE YOU!!!!! You are a mighty honorable young man, whose action is quite refreshing, meritorious, commendable and exemplary. Your doing reflects a man of God, so I KNOW that you are walking with Him! I trust that he’ll continue to guide your footsteps and bring fruitfulness to ALL your undertakings and aspirations. Good deed, young man! All the best! I pray that this marks the commencement of a COLOSSAL change/turn around in a positive direct for Ms Parks, and she will receive ALL THE HELP she needs in terms of her health and personal life, so that she can be FULLY RESTORED to her former self, or at least the CLOSEST/BEST POSSIBLE version, I swear! *TEARS* DEM PPL DEH NUH FI SUFFER, YOW! Hey, life have a funny way of working out, enuh!!!!! I am 100% positive that this poor lady, would NEVERRRRR IN HER WILDEST DREEEEEAMS, think that little Javaughn Taylor would be the one to travel from SOOOOO DAMN FAR (QUICK AND FAST, TOO), to her assistance in her time of need and desperation!…..PPL, as my mom preaches to me EVERYDAY, “DO ALLLLL THE GOOD YOU CAN, IN ALLLLL THE WAYS YOU CAN, TO ALLLLL THE PPL YOU CAN; JUUUUUST AS LONG AS YOU CAN!” J.T. BIGGGGG UP YUH DAMN SELF!

  8. It is such a beautiful thing when you can see some humanity rearing its head. There are good people out there such as this man but dem hard fi find. Bless this young man and the woman, man, guardian that grew him. Because you can see he is a very compassionate child. May the good LORD always guide and direct his path. I hope the teachers, through the wondrous love, mercy, miracle of GOD help bring her back to normal state.

    1. I love ur comment, couldn’t have written it better myself. To GOD be the glory and truly bless this young man, whosoever(s) raise him, and his teacher. Amen

  9. This should be a lesson to every adult. Children never forget those who were good to them. I thank God that he followed Gods voice and got this woman the help she needed.

  10. There is nothing wrong with letting everyone know how God is a blessing to you and others, he want’s you tell people how God has played a big part in your life, so maybe you might touch a non believer and have that no believe start to believe again..

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