1. Introducing little kev to the world of social media, he is in dispute with shibboleth Nd the prince one. Videos are going back Nd forth. Him sey shibby don’t breed no one lol

    1. Him need fi keep it strictly between him confederates and come outa a woman draws seat that he knows nothing about. Di way him a beat up him mango face a chat u would think is a man birth him not a woman

  2. WTF this Special education nigga mad for? Yu not bustin nobody face on tha internet, so a betta yuh go tek a chill pill. By de way, mi see de fish scale all ova you, so jus stop de hype ting, caw it naw work.

  3. Listen last video have mi head wrap tuh rass..wen it start talk fuss mi di ting ah one gyal deh ah chat..mek him ah lash suh…ah him sah clothes..den ah how yuh curtain dem look like ole claat suh..mi gone duh de ppl dem wuk

  4. Lawd O! No sah! Heh haayyy! Wooooiiiii, Metty after yesterday with the old bandit them, I get a hearty laugh this morning, I deserve it. The fool make a mockery of sin, then uno nuh realize seh is a fool that, if u noticed, is women and them drawz him a pray for, but is not that him really mean to pray for, all him a pray, him very upset say him don’t have what the women them have ina them duty drawz. Wooooiiii it sad badd pan dem. Chile please guh tek several seats :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  5. Not taking up for him, as I am not a ‘fish’ lover, but I think he is talking out against us (women) because lots of shibby female fans did ah dun him pon shibby page

  6. Kiss teet. So damn vulgar, sick of these mofos and trying to get laughs off the backs of women. Thinking they are funny when they are not.

  7. U know mi cannot stand these batty boys them just get up a mad with us ladies fi wi vajjjjjjjj GOD blessed us with. First of all him a come style up we ladies both dutty drawers at least we have we dutty drawers weh him have depends diapers cause him leak like Stan pipe a full a shit a suck shit and him mouth spread weh like pudding pan. Think GOD like to be mock wait man a lot a oonu soon feel GOD’S wrath.

  8. Some ah these fruit cakes have pu$$y even. Everything is about putting down women because they WISH they were born female. Ah nuh gal fault make this mud fish face fish can’t wear pad a month time. Him need feh leave God outta him nastiness. Ole crowbait

  9. Den if him ah rebuke evil an ah send it tuh di pit of hell…how come him lef behind :bingung Dat batty fish put di H eena Hell. Only him Mumma coulda love dat ugly nasty lookin bwoy….wid him mouth fava when drawers lose elastic……

  10. dis buoy bright wid Bible inna hand. I couldn’t watch the second video.
    Mi wan know who fah draws duttier than fi him own. . Pray fi you batty caulk up. All u a chat shit nuh stop run down.

  11. What if God wasn’t a merciful God? What if God was like man? This fool just made a mockery of God. Him look super hungry and thirsty…him look like him want dead and born again… Fagboi Yuh doan born stop throw up libbaty…no respect if woman like a batty ole you born out of

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