1. Deadddding! Bitch! A Balmain don’t need anything else added to it! It fandangle down to the last needle hole.

    @$5k and all that jazz u should a fly out fi a custom fit bout small waist:D 😀 Notice total strangers don’t even rate you a yu mumma and few a you socall friends a try get you recognition?

    :ngakak bye you damn clown :ngakak

  2. The dress meck Appl look fat, and di belt never help di situation. Two styles I don’t mess with unless mi body on point, di accordion style pleated, and heavily sequined or bejeweled dresses, dem style deh show up any body flaws, excess weight and dem tings. Apple ended up looking like a stuffed sausage in dat ting. Not every style is fi every body type. A designer piece cannot work miracles, some folk think because it’s a designer piece dem going to look like a million bucks, it doesn’t work that way.

  3. All me nuh seh apple cant cook for nothing hot gal suppose to can cook the cornbeef a swim in oil the fish have too much water steam it not boil fish and her pot dem a beat me obwoy

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