Dis is wha mi nuh get. Smh. She a nyam up harself bout child support and all now me no hear she say she want her son back. So is the money she preeing. If u are awarded child support and di man not working den there is no money to get. Di most dem will do is lock him up. Kmt. Den hear di fool dung a bottom bout 3 yrs of child support wid di $$$ behind it. Ole idiot dem. Kmt. Every ting dem put pon FB. Kmt

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  1. Whoring KeeKee all she good fah a put on a f**king show fi FB and everything she write is a lie… whoring keekee please tell the people dem how yuh expect any form a child support when yuh pickney nuh live wid yuh from him a 3months.. please tell wi… how about yuh owe the Johnson family child supportl.. keekee u is a unfit mother and thru the ppl dem start do yuh up seh yuh wutless and nah mind yuh pickney all of a sudden dem kidnap yuh pickney and owe yuh child support.. tell the ppl dem how yuh nuh see har hear yuh pickney voice in 7 months… talk that. Creepa a the best babyfada yuh have and him find out what a wutless pieca shit house u are and tek mi pickney from yuh…. suck pussy keekee yuh need fi guh fold up inna a corner and dead…

  2. Kiki wi dun figure u out. No need to pretend for fb ma. Even the people them that’s commenting and liking your post a dun yuh.
    Ps. Mi hear seh kat nah deal wid har again the 2 a dem kick off AGAIN

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