SENDER;-shanique you come jamaica come get you ass pop. you talk like you bad on Facebook and come get f**p. keep the man girl cause kerry beat you and gone back to her man. last year you and 3 gal war fi man on Facebook. this year you get you ass pop. But why YOU so bad and run go station. you should a fight back kerry.

2 thoughts on “SODA POP

  1. Mi convince seh man short a foreign because ain’t no way man up deh and every summer this likkle girl in a man problem a Jamaica.

    Long time Kerry fi beat har. You did tink the bwoy madda coulda save you? You blind if yuh see seh Angie only want you fi har son so she can get tings outta your barrel a year time.

    Jugu don’t want you and the whole a Kirk know dis so when yah go wake up eddiot gyal?

    Everybody a laugh afta you, you shoulda shame fi walk a road. Miss please to hurry up and gwaan back a foreign before you get some more lick.

  2. she will never learn. jugu mother like who she can run them head. everybody in the community see that is a show him mother putting on. kerry must don’t leave him and teach all him ugly mother a lesson. hope i never push up in my sons lives like that. shanique talking about jugu is her man hope the summer finish and the relationship is still active.

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