Met big Mix up the high profiler JDF soldier MAy that has Kingston lock .Him have engineer wife cock eye bank gal another one , Met the side chick call the other side chick and hell breaking lose , both a dem with him over 2 years . Met the man chat the cock eye one wid the other side chick . Him tell me friend how the girl eye cock and her p***** big and stink and him no want her , tell the girl where the cock eye girl live where she work etc , him style him wife to my friend that him wife jaws crotches black and how him not f**** her and him no want her is because she a engineer downtown at the (Edited) and she have money .


met the side chick a boulevard have the man head lock him sleep at her house a few nights per week, family know her , he even take her to his marital home in caymanas estate she say the brown leather settee firm and the brown bed have some proper posturepedic mattress , he drives her in his wife Honda crv ,when wife deh work , him son spend time after school on the boulevard with the other side woman , he pays her bills and always taking her out , him tell boulevard that the uptown on a handicap and too ugly so him no take her anywhere everybody a camp know her and him tell her she complete him. Him beat the one a boulevard not to cheat on him the girl cut him in hand he had to get stitich up a uwi and him still a run her down . The cock eye one no have no shame if you hear how the man dis her up when she call him and she come in like dog she take it with a grain a salt woman unuh fi know unuh worth The youth a the real big man .always see him a role but never know him dappa so.


  1. Sender, is wah? Him him chat cock eye and the wife, tek yuh everywhere, inna him marital home, mek yuh meet him son, co-workers know yuh etc. Him must tell yuh him a go leave the well employed wife him nah sex and he hasn’t right or yuh guh ketch a belly and him ketch Bolt fever and took off? Sender expose him all yuh want, him will never leave his wife or ever be a respectful man,wid all the tings yuh talk bout him do, is he truly a prize?

  2. And to see the sender glorify him makes me sick. Your day is coming honey. It really seems as if you wish you were on his roster of side chicks. You soon get what you looking for. WAIT ON IT!!!

  3. So who nuh know seh dem a whore!

    Dem man yah hav gal all bout and most times them wife kno weh dem deh and stay. Cause guess why, if him ever leave har di wife a get everything!

    So fi whichever one a unnuh send this in don’t be a fool! If u want the soldier body and money go a jdf guh look one for yourself! Cause all fi him wi haffi do a threaten him good wid di money, house etc and him haffi siddung!

  4. Never thought I’d ever see someone on here that I know lol, whoever send this in is a liar. This man nah discuss him wife with no one, have a few f*ck n ducks but everybody know him love him wife, but she’s a workaholic

    1. I know him too n his siblings n parents. He’s not what she’s saying about him. She’s such a wicked person. She’s going to be sorry she ever started this

  5. So sender, your ‘friend’ sexing someone who’s sexing a girl who’s p is ‘stink’ & who’s ‘wife jaws crotches black’???

    I think the only person here who really needs to know her worth is your ‘friend’.

  6. Hahaha mi bredren nah lef him wife…well now that side chick get f and duck she put him on blast.

    Juust go give the man some more pu$$¥ when him call yuh :2thumbup :2thumbup :2thumbup

  7. Any man that chat woman worthless ,sleeping with these side gal for so long are solid relationship ,so that’s shows the individual is sick he needs a psychologist

  8. But look at this ain’t this Kerisha CAmpbell man never know his people husband she a take after how she behave like its her man

  9. Rass now name a call fi man a dog no gentle man will ever discuss another woman’s body with his side gal anyone else he deserves to be sleeping with animals dam bitch

  10. I agree with you I pray his wife see this n put him out how can u tell ppl about ur wife’s under wear n taking ur side chick to her home boy needs discipline man he’s way pass a dog

  11. Dissa man yah a terms no stop sleep a woman yard an all a f**k gal inna dem ass so di gal dem pussy no must stink dem need to do std checks glad say what him give me coulda cure dutty dog May

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