1. All I can say is some people better go down pon dem knee and thank God that makeup was invented. First pic doesn’t look too bad without though.

  2. Mi glad mi off de market. because if mi wake up beside this after a nite of partying….its a game changer.

  3. jesam piece!!!!!! no sahhhhhhhh

    mi sarry fi di man dem weh tink dem meet a nice pretty girl a night time looool.

  4. no man makeup artist a shot.. mi na lie mi know when mi take off my makeup a worries.. that’s why mi learn from makeup artists like these when i was younger so now i know what I’m doing when i touch di road.. morning met

  5. No man a who do them makeup this is not no ordinary feat eno this person is not a make up artist is a plastic surgeon ma goshhhhh unnu look tiadddddd smh

  6. the first and last no so bad but the middle the middle no sah.. that’s why it no good fi look ooman a night time dwl

  7. Them trick man ah party bad ,ah man tell me him meet ah nice girl ah party exchange # invite out to lunch and when him see her in the day him say ah nu she him talk to last night,trust me man talk bout hunu!

  8. Thank god for make up Forreal . some ah NY so call hot gal dem fi get feature too cause dem ugly without it as well. Example: rotten apple, shawna fallen star, twinny, and more

  9. mi nah lie, mi ting it only fair dat some ooman fi av a warning label attached.
    Mawning Met, mettaz & peepaz.

    1. :hammer wha dat warning wudda se Kunta..Mi nah lie mi cannot believe makeup work dem kinda wonders yah. In dis case it should be illegal because this is powdering black bud in every essence of the proverb

      1. I like makeup, especially to conceal my freckles but when you look like a totally different person without it then that borders on deception.

  10. mi seh, deh make up artiste yah need fi change har name to optimus prime!!! i she seh “i can transform ya” :matabelo

    pic 1 is transformed from a middle aged woman to a darker sweetscouture

    pic 2 is transformed from donkey in shrek to a human being

    pic 3 is transformed from a stark raving mad woman to smaddy sane.

    deh make up artiste yah deserve a medal

    1. Totally agree the make up artist is great. All three of the women are beautiful the artist was able to bring their beauty out..

  11. Big up de makeup artist! I hope “patients” 2 & 3 tip yu cause yu did dem looks justice.

    Pic 1 good looking yu just cheer up her looks.

  12. mi glad sey uno si how de twin ugly with out make up! mi know a who duh dem make up. maxine yu shoud a mak dem cover the vain dem pon yu foot!

  13. Mi seh mi affi duh a double take. No sah, pic 3 was transformed from a mad man to an attractive looking ooman. No, really. Mi know, she wudda like fi mek da look deh permanent.

    Now as a man, mi wudda bex nuh badwud if mi buck pic 2, deplete mi energy cause mi tink she deserving and mi want mek an impression and den guh wake up tuh da tuff tranny looking face deh. Mi a run leff dat, cause mi fraud a duppy.

  14. pic3 is the most feminine looking without makeup…..pic1 is just tuff looking….pic2 actually is the best looking of all 3……the way they highlight her eyes makes them stand out more and the side glance is actually quite sexy if yuh ask me… di real question is……if mi had a choice between all 3 a dem widout di makeup mi ago say pic3….cause she is di least ugly a di 3 or in di case of divinity…di lesser of di 3 evils……….

  15. Hot mess 123 oh gwaad pix 3 is a bellview patients she look mad no rass pix 2 draggqueen looking like one a rupaul f**k dem pix 1 poor Maxine all ur face lean and twisted then when u look pon all these not so good looking gal they the 1 who quick to call people ugly when they are a hot mess runnnnn mad people coming pix 3 u me a refer to pix 1 stay inn and fix ur mouth b4 u come bk out pix 2 go pray fi a change of looks cos its not a good look as a matter of facts all 3 need to pray me a man and i wudnt f**k any of u a swear

  16. Some body didnt tip the make up artist very well…If somebosy have your real face as secret dont cross them pay them well

  17. Omg the twin look mad mi nah lie,Maxine did you suffer a stoke cuz you mouth look lean and Melissa good good your face look like you go world war 1 and you just a come back plz don’t ever leave out the house without make up again.know mi over stand why milkshake say she look better than the whole lot of unno she do mi did think SEH the twin dem pretty but Jesus Christ that’s not pretty twin you look like you escape from bell view mi nah laugh this crew name ugly girl rocks!!!!!!milkshake you lead by far

  18. Unbelievable…. Met set up an interview with the artist bc god really blessd her hands!

  19. Nah Bloodclaatttttttttttttttt make-up SHOT! Artist did wonders…..pic 1 not so bad just a soften her up pic2 A face only a mother cud love pic3 Twin need acne treatment 4 her bigga forehead but still she don’t look tuff and ruff like pic2 she need to sleep drink and eat makeup

  20. Do Anyone Have Any Contact For Maxine In Pic 1? Facebook, Twitter, # Anything? If So Can You Let Her Know Bev Daughters Is Looking To Reach Out. Thank You.

  21. So I take it everybody on these comments is some gorgeous broads with no makeup? Start posting pictures please w/out makeup and weave let’s see Ill wait y’all…………………….Oh I forgot lmao u can’t reveal who are my bad nevermind coward ass bitches!

  22. Yea first one ugly but the next two look like dope head ugly no bloodclaat that is not make up that is magic dust

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