So “SADE PETA-GAY LOWE PARIS” talk up a bagga things bout Brina how much the girl this and that and now she a sen vn to the girl bout she sorry she’s just jealous and don’t know what to do yu married Brina cousin but deep down a she yu really want hey Gyal ya savage. Yu life sad bad this big black African piece of shit. A Brina name inna the good book and yu vex u just a try make the girl name look bad


  1. Nooo nooo ive never seen nor heard such comedy! :ngakak :sup2: no sah sender how”AFRICAN” DROP IN?? shez nice looking regardless nice skin too! Spice a suh u must look! Anyhow back to the fu**y, a waaa guh gwaan next year and the year after next?? a pure pussy lovers deh bout man! an mi naa chat men! a wah suh??? christ man sometimes unu close frens will bring dem desires to unu yes but unu fi put dem in dem place been there before and today my friends has to respect me for i stood for wat i believe in BUDDY fi mi pussy! Sometimes talking to them my memory dredge up the times they asked if i like females and mi affi bwahaha in mi head and dem breed up breed up like rabbits yah now confuse lots sum a unu!

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    You will never in this lifetime worst after Kartel case ketch mi send voice note,leave voice message or talk certain things over the fone,nah seh if yuh even face to face them won’t secretly a record yuh but certain things mi dead it out completely..she neva haffi duh de gal like dis she cuda mek she know seh she nuh into gal d if a deh fi har ting deh den gud fi she….Technology aguh mek sum a unuh really end up alone and only have keyboard fi press up

    1. Exact sentiments came to mind abt voicenotes and why did the girl suh! But after tidaaay mi scurrred bad! Yes, Kartel vnotes should be a lesson learned!

  3. another thing why when unu a cuss ppl unu use color as a form of dis how is being BLACK a dis plz let me know…she cuden jus be a piece of shit why a black African one?!?!?!

  4. Here we go again ! If you dark skinned you ugly. God help some of you with the underlying self hate. If she had bleached what would you call her?? Black people don’t need the white man 2 hate them they already hate themselves.

  5. I personally think alot of women are bi-curious. I see nothing wrong with it but it’s whatever that floats ones boat

  6. Wooie but look ya met cause somebody put brina pan pickwall she think it was her ex friend the two a dem did close people and cause dessi and her stop chat she have it out fi har I watch this all play out on there fb and all dessi do a go live and tell them fi leave her name brina still have up Dessi cause she post convo of them people carefully a unno frenz them

  7. Met we know dessi everybody dah wid gal mek her Fren gweh cause the gal look betta than her and she black and cool and a bleach she a bleach! And if unno go follow dessi gal life happy

  8. Met dessi husband is not brina Cuz a lie the gal said that in her live boo met I think a badmind mi give dessi winnings fi know she stay clam

  9. But mi met peeps look like the sender family still wah the gal no sa this look like a the sender ppl dem a hurt

  10. A brina did post up bout the girl and the girl move on a live her life brina sound like the miss the girl f**k wooooooiieee everybody bi now a days so on to better met

  11. Mek brina f**k off and gweh mi a one a dessi Fren we nuh close like that but we talk the girl a good girl all me f**k gal to ntn new wah gwan the girl don’t even post bout dutty brina all the gal do a beg the please don’t mix her from someone post brina the gal move on from brina a long time VN and post she a post the gal change her life and married mi hate dutty heart people yo see wah bring you back Inna yo past when you a live good Inna yo present

    Brina and her family them fi leave the girl a wah cause the gal ago get her green card now unno vex unno dutty family dem cah stop the girl

  12. So why brina nah post weh she say hmmm? There is always 2 side to a story. Bad mind is a sickness and it look like say a Dessi alone she have strength fah! But Brina memba say yuh pussy nuh have nuh address cause if a man blow pon yuh, yuh dash it gi dem and a nuh man yah f**k and nuh have a ting fi show so if yuh think a Dessi a blast yuh think again.

  13. Nuff ppl don’t even know how this Dessi girl is a bitch a so unu love follow yu ppl business Lowe Brina mek she talk cause Dessi did call up the Gyal name

  14. Wow then this reach pinkwall….I saw the argument on fb how ever Dessi a gwan like she nu know nothing weh gwan and a she a cause mix up and then a behave like she’s innocent if u watch her good on live u could see the LIES all over pon har tha Gyal ya wicked

  15. If this girl life was sooooo happy why would she go on her fb live n a talk up things tho??? When ppl have dem nu follow up arguing looks to me like this Dessi girl have sumn to do with it…

  16. Looooool woooio but me know Dessi from a long time me n har was fren she isa pussyole from longtime and she nuffi talk bout how much this girl tek a ole heep a man a lie she tell pon the Gyal Dessi a whore n gwan like she a good Gyal Sade use to party harddd n keep party’s also. And she alone always have 10 n more man inna one dance she f**k hard n never gain nothing from dem cause even if har hair fi do it was her mother she cry pon me know da Gyal ya from nannyville a bitch this

  17. Dessi talk a lot of bad things bout brina. Now that brina answer back and start do up dessi everybody vex. Oh please dessi f**k nuff man and gal she a hoe Suh she fi stop it. Me all hear seh dessi can’t go back a Jamaica Bc she rob up some people money and if them catch har she is a dead gal.

  18. Bwoi only if some a unnu did know the truth. Nuh body nah say ppl nuh have dem ways but most a unnu story nah walk str8 at all. Brina need fi memba say a she start dis lesbian ting wid dessi to di point that brina use to jealous a most of her besties weh she use to roll wid. Some a unnu weh a comment bout the do dis and dat and unnu don’t have a bed fi sleep Pom much less a car fi drive. When di gyal di deh a yah and a mek it unnu use to itch up in a har car and a sleep har yard. Har mada use to feed unnu espically brina!! Cause brina mada cudnt deal wid har lifestyle and the amount ppl man weh she dida f**k gyal a go a har yard. A dessi and har mada help Brina. Some a unnu a born Judas but memba life is like the ocean if yuh drop a stone in a it, it mek ripples and overtime the ripples become waves. Mek sure unnu can find shelter when the tsunami hits!

  19. Brina come in and a type bout dessi tek nuff man gal u ago dead a you a the man hoe always have 4 man and still bruk when dessi did a make money a you same one she feed wid it when gal a drive and her same mother help her pay if her car weh you mother help u do have four man and still cah live good nuff time u DA DA hungry and the 4 man don’t even mek one one thing me know bout dessi she never a f**k 4 man at the same damn time you a one today one tomorrow plus man fi f**k but unno gal fi have ambition cah f**k and ntn fi show gal yo aunty put u up gal a ville me live and all the years dessi live there the girl name Neva Inna mix up till she start chat to u stop tell lie pan the gal you bitta

    No body wouldn’t even know bout you if a Neva fi dessi gal gwah

  20. While you a worry bout the gal nah come back a ja worry bout yourself ja cah keep the gal faine fit had so a good move the gal mak she talk it nar self she did a struggle at first a NY but the gal over come u and your dutty family all u a do a live Inna the past .

    A hope nobody nuh put u up a farine people like you them nuff put Inna them yard fi know you business!

  21. But sabrina all if the girl have body count she a good gal same way cause only her so call best Fren did know bout them fi come talk every body know bout your whore ways and the gal did still a gwan even if her mother a help her wah your mumma do fi you then did a kick u out stop tell lie pan the gal bout nanny ville this girl name never yet bad a nanny ville we all and back her on that brina a rate buff people rate the girl and ask her why she friends with you and she always tell them she see good Inna yo betta she did leave yo cause see a you a try tek down the girl some gal a just hold back ya sade gwan hold up your head mi gal real nanny ville supporta have you. Sabrina is a dirty little girl she can’t stop you Sade I told your mother never did fi put her in her house sometimes you will wish you didn’t

  22. All a brina family them who a talk not even know nothing when dessi did a help the gal unno Neva round now unno round fi try bring down the gal mek brina put up all the gal husband family against her a so the gal start chat to hay brina you a wicked gal no matter wah was dessi struggle good life a show pan the gal now gweh gal

  23. The gal doh go back a ja cause nuh life nuh DA a ja gal loose her job a ja so a doh wrong did gal see it DA now you a talk bout the gal past but unno nah see how the gal mek use a farine gal mek sure u have some where to go a farine a beg you affi go beg people to put you up! Wooooie see you down DA a suffa gal should a Neva put up!

    That’s why mi tell her when she just get her place Sade don’t help people don’t carry people a yo yard mi live a farine years now and see things like this happen with friends unno get f**k up and red yiy

  24. But wait a min met big question sabrina Samuels you never use to black? no sah group met mi ago send in the receipt

    1. But wait a bit met mi late pan this a someone tell mi wa a happen over ya so can’t believe sa Sabrina who a really do Dessi so no sa one gal can’t wicked so shi don’t remember say Dessi always their for her no man after seeing all a discount on pink wall and FB who would really trust has fi be them fren dem would a fool.. brina yu body don’t stay good yu knee knock and yu walk like c..k Brock under yu.. remember wah yu a come from a living room all a yu use to sleep Inna Dessi Mada always try fi Meck har kids live good no one a vill have nothing bad to say about them yu notice a only u wa dem put up Inna dem house alone a do dat yu wicked bad bad even if yu and Dessi fall out u should never put the girl pic on FB yu do it once and it past and yu do it again yu evil bad yu bad mind the girl happiness yu can’t believe sa she stop f**k yu cause yu a f**k too much man di girl can’t deal with yu duty life..notice she married and happy and yu still out their with yu miserable hole yu can’t even keep a man.. Dessi nanny ppl nuh stop big yu up brina look like a fool she think she hurt u but she hurting herself no one like da stay bad gal deh.. only yu face look good Sabrina

  25. Ah boi I will for the last time talk about this matter no one is perfect but people do change I my life at ja was great then I had a ruff couple of months it was so bad till all courts came and take my furniture and I lost my job had loans out anything bad happen you can name it!

    Till mi stress and a drink rum and boom everyday….. My mom had to pay for my car for me and had my back she is my back bone I love her to death so my mom send me money to get my visa and I got thru and I came and never look back! For there was no life for me a ja .

    When I came to NY it wasn’t easy at all but it was a fresh start a Fren told me I could only stay for 2 weeks I did she help me got a job at a laundry mat I was so greatful then I went to stay with my grand mother I was happy there till my aunty there didn’t want me there cause my grandmother love me now it was the first time meeting them they are my dad side of family! I ride it out till that same Fren that i I stay with first took me in but again I know it wasn’t for long my mom then came back to NY and my mom gave me money to rent a place my now husband use to put me up couple nights he use to live in brina sister baby daddy house it’s not brina sister house she just live there her self anyways .

    My mom rent me somewhere my now husband wasnt acting how I want him to never use to help me money wise so I had another guy I got pregnant and leave the guy I didn’t want it he didn’t want it! I them moved out of the same house my mom rent me and leave the guy in there went back to my Fren house!

    My mom then give me money again! To move to a next place see two time my mom move me Inna place my Cuz Tamara help her this time!

    I did a abortion cause I knew I couldn’t take care of that baby my now husband was mad cause he wanted me to keep it but remember I told y’all he wasn’t giving me shit at the time!

    Keeping up met? Lol

    Anyways I had someone on the side he was there for me but then my now husband step up said yow no matter what u did I want u back so we got back together and we got married! The first month I was so piss at him cause he went back to his old ways them this chick brina not telling y’all o use to f**k her but oh well!

    We part ways (brina) she went and tell my husband family everything about me them text down my phone send all type a things a diss me tell him not to help me and say a papers me want!

    Brina tell them everything so I then said f**k she I told her aunty a ja how she hate her and she only a deal with harcause she want to live there and don’t want to go back a nanny ville she hate her house a nanny ville she said cause the house stay bad and doh look good! I text ( one a dem) anyways mi say u know what me a leave her to god

    Mi leave her alone done with her and make better for myself my husband step up and have my back and ride hard for me and start be the man I needed and from then we move in now we happy and him send me mi papers and say babes imma make sure your ok since then I have been super happy no stress no nothing just happy life cause him have me back

    Now someone f**k her up I guess she still in her hoe age as she say and a f**k someone else man again them put her pan pink wall now me get put in in but brina will always be her and that’s just that I really don’t care

    My husband wasn’t perfect at first I told y’all over n over 2 years I know him we on and off I turn him in to a real man now

    Him man up and doing great for him self them use to say all type a things bout him all him family put him down I still ride with him

    Y’all need to make changes I did now I’m happy I don’t even date girls no more I moved on and I am faithful to my husband now and we happy and live somewhere y’all need to check y’all self and living situation before y’all come for me!

    I didn’t send for y’all so don’t come for me!

    I work my ass off and brina know this she f**k for hers I work for mines I’m a independent chick! Brina nah go tell unno a me mek she get her first good paycheck a NY and if her others frenz know what I know unno run far from her and don’t put her up with she come back up she chat y’all too but hay I feel so hope y’all don’t feel like me .

    So brina do your best my husband and I still good and who a illegal immigrants now?

    Last laugh is always the best them say!

    I have change and I’m bless and happy thanks be to god .

    ” why worry when you can pray”

    Stay bless met lovers

    Sade dessi Parris out!

    1. No sa Dessi nuh worry all a wi a vill got yu your name never mix up u tile yu Mada bring brina wah all a dem use to sleep Inna living room and a fi teck har clout dem out a barrel when she a go out a try stay yu no sa Sabrina no body a vill no like yu a f**k from yu a go primary school yu did a fi f**k fi wa yu want cause yu Mada never a look pan yu a yu little sis is har queen.. yu not even stay good yu knee knock yu walk like cocktail Brock unda yu lol only yu face look good and a because yu a bleach remember sa yu nuh come from no wa yu house a Charli smith wa yu use to live stay good a the only yard wa have zink fence.. one thing wid Dessi har Mada always Meck sure har kids dem live good the way dem use to treat yu a Dessi yard a vill yu use to live as close as your yard was yu never use to love stay deh.. yu man confuse yu hole nuh under no control that’s y yu Mada always a chat bad bout yu yu a different worse Inna di familey.. you’re a back stabbed yu ungrateful yu no memba wah ppl do fi yu yu need to try and settle down and live some life like Dessi I love to go on di girl page she just a blossom so yu going Dessi wi all love u yu ambition yu motivate alot of us we can say no matter what will go tru wi can bounce back gal yu place stay good Sabrina number live no way all yu mom place a forine stay good mi see har pic dem big har up fi mi..

  26. Dessi mi feel yu pain I’ve been following over by fren too I use to see u both and see how u look out for brina she must remember sa is not u and har was fren at first is your mom bring her in your life smh yu Mada a good woman always a help ppl I salute her.. a vill mi come from I know brina a zink fence yard brina come from we all know that da yard da a Charli smith never stay good yet a upstairs house yu use to live in a and move go in front a di play field go live a brina use to deh da every day when ha family dem did a treat har bad when she did a teck the ppl dem man when she a go Vauxhall shc a yu Mada always deh da fi har brina a ball stabba.. she chat everone she stay round gal wicked ya kmft.. Dessi one thing wid yu Mada she always Meck yu live good life mi rate har .. wah fi dem Mada do fi dem always a cuss dem out

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