1. jet set guh buil’ it doah even funny de only ting yuh start wear weh luk gud a yuh accessories like de phuck…tracey yuh age a start show inna yuh face nung no joke abt dat…i c u wally

  2. Arthaleen, Lady Rose and Tracey looks nice. For some strange reason Angela face looks nice, a nice softpick lipgloss would have look better. Where were Tina and Frenchie?

  3. Angella head sides look like in have in shoe polish.. Fi har pawty frack dem all look a like just in different colors.

  4. Mi notice mello neva go tina pawty dem no tek pic together.a wha gwaan a jet set house wicked mello u see how u ugly u is,u babyfadA nuh stop look mi,and stop beat u son in him head,wicked bitch,

  5. So how comes u didn’t show the pic of the man in pink,with his dragqueen wife.bleach out face and black foot looorrrddd

  6. Sorry Tracey, Champion gone lef u, age a dash up pon u faster dan u can run from it. Frock look boring, hair did need a good brushing. Tek di res a di year off n get some rest n hopefully come back looking fresh fi Christmas or di new year

  7. Laaks, Tracey, all you tongue u a suck eena di pawty, all dat tell mi is dat you lacking comfort and security in u life. You one siddung to you own cawna suh. Dancehall ain’t what seems een mums? Betta u guh look fi summen more meaningful wah can full up u soul.
    Interesting collection of attendees.

  8. My goodness u people. You all talk about Tracey champion as if the woman shouldn’t age. We get older, we age. That’s life. At the end of the day she still look better that most of these new hot girls. You are now a woman of a particular age (as Wendy Williams would say). Tracey you attractive and look good same way, not because you older. Get out of that crowd and go find a decent older man and settle down. Especially if dress in classy clothes becomes you. At least you not bleach out look like stripper. As they say every sinner have a future and every saint have a past

  9. Dana get so regular now and wear bare see thru clothing. She need fi guh back to di real girl she use to be and Mek har madda gwaan wid har whoring ways

  10. Ppl talk unnecessary shit. Tracey STILL look good for going through what she been through. Age Graceful even when under the Worse Circumstances.
    Angela forever look like scarecrow. I think it’s the makeup she wears. Too much powda!

  11. Tracey still looks good. You people to wickid and nasty. At least she’s lived this long to see the age she is now, unlike nough of you young girls who will never live to see even 35. Big Up yourself Tracey

  12. Tracy Who care if you look good you need to stop Botox u face Tarcy is a old long time dog all she do is walk and f**k ppl man Nasty longtime young blood dutty Tracy you need to find a man that you can call your own and stop walk and take ever man you see buy more than two or three bottles of champagne in the club Long time drug queen all u do is hide and take ppl man

  13. Maybe she did walk an f**k a few of your man dem that’s why your so upset. I understand your pain.

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